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  1. Luckily my company have agreed to terminate my employment with no further action, based on the fact I have already worked my notice period. Phew!
  2. I really hope so as that's exactly what it is!
  3. Hi Emmzzi, no my new job is in a completely different line of work which is my only saving grace, although requiring a CRB check my criminal record is squeaky clean.
  4. Also, I don't suppose anyone would know whether or not they can effectively 'dismiss' me if I have already resigned? How would my employment be terminated if this is the case?
  5. Hi HB Many thanks for your reply. I think I will attend this meeting purely to find out what they have to say about it. The only thing I really care about coming out of it is my reference, so at least it will show willing and I will have the chance to justify my actions. D x
  6. Hi all Need a bit of advice with my situation... I am currently working my notice period, and am starting a new job on 9th August. I was off on annual leave last week and returned to work today and was promptly suspended on full pay pending investigation. The reason for this is that I work for a company sub-contracted by the prison service and have been seeing an ex-client of ours who was transferred to another prison in April. I have held my hands up to this as I know that the situation is wrong, however I'm not sure why they've decided to suspend me when a) it does not s
  7. Simple, do what I did and ignore them. They soon give up when you stop answering their calls (which, by the way, if you tell them in writing that they are not to contact you by phone they have to legally adhere to) or replying to their letters. I haven't heard a peep from them since October last year, and I cancelled my contract that March. I've been through three, yes THREE, debt collectors assigned by DL and they have all threatened me with legal action if I don't pay up in 7 days.
  8. Oh no, they didn't hand deliver it...it came with the post, complete with post office ink stamp! How bizarre...
  9. LOL yet again these idiots try to act intimidating and scary to try and get my money out of me... Today, I received a card through the door.. Dear MISSDVL I called today regarding your acc. ref. ********* You should contact me in the first instance on: ************** Should I not hear from you I will call back again on: PLEASE CALL ME Mr/Mrs: SHANE Now, this may have worried me in the slightest that they had actually been to my house....but it was sent in a stamped, addressed envelope.
  10. I notice there was no reply to my post? Clearly put you in your place, troll. As you can see, your opinions are worth zero around here, so give up while you still can.
  11. The fact you can't even quote me properly gives very little credence to your reply. At what point did I say I don't pay my taxes? I have no problem whatsoever paying any of my monthly outgoings for anything else I have in my life. The reason I don't pay these idiots is because I had a justifiable reason for cancelling my gym membership and do not owe them money in any sense of the word, because I have neither used the gym since cancelling, nor did they actually lend me the money in the first place to use the gym. And yes, DCAs ARE the crooks. They are the ones who use underhand tact
  12. Well I have been chased by DCAs since March, paid nothing to them and certainly won't be giving in now!
  13. I am in EXACTLY the same situation as you. I cancelled my membership with DL in March this year, had months of ARC on my back. I heard nothing since the beginning of July and then last week Scotcall send me the duplicate of your letter, stating they will be round to have a word, so to speak. I say, bring it on. The police will be called if they try trespassing!
  14. ARC Europe are a bunch of jumped-up idiots who think they can scare people into paying money they dont owe. Stick to your guns and dont give them a penny! I'm currently in the middle of a dispute with these muppets regarding David Lloyd Leisure after cancelling my gym membership. As far as I'm concerned they can shove their debt where the sun dont shine.
  15. I have also had problems with the Ipswich branch of David Lloyd. For my story go to Debt collection help! - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums They are bloodsucking creatures! I am not backing down though, I will fight till it goes to court if I have to! Not paying these idiots a penny more.
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