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  1. Thanks a lot guys. Now have a few days on holiday, so I am going to get working on this from tomorrow. I have no problem in paying the monies owing. I understand that my name is on the agreement, but surely I had a right to be contacted to let me know the status of the account before they issued a default notice on my credit file. There is also nothing about a default notice or anything related to a default on my SARN info. They have not followed the correct and legal procedure prior to issuing this default, far less a moral one . I also think it should stand in my stead that I have offer
  2. Hey guys .. quick question ... Upper limit for summary cause action is £5,000. I am taking B of S to court to remove the unlawful default .. So I'm not sure what the position is re the monetary value?? The outstanding amount is £7,500 but this is not the reason I'm initiating court action or do I have to raise an ordinary action and hire a solicitor????
  3. Thanks Pinky, I'll download a copy of the form and start working on it, if you wouldn't mind, perhaps I can call on you for more advice through the forum??? I completely agree with you re the benefits of the money and the paying of it back, that would be fair. My son definitely deserves to have the default registered, as he was well aware that he wasn't paying the account, that's why in both the letters BOS have chosen to ignore, I stated that, so I just feel now that am backed into a corner, I have tried and tried to sort it out with them via letters. I know nobody on here advocates telepho
  4. Hi, I want to raise court proceeding to have the default removed .. No I never did find that out either,as they never replied .. It has been at 4 different collection agencies, each to which I've sent the letter bigegg advised, so it's currently on hold!!
  5. Bump ... anybody offer me any advice on my next step please???
  6. Hi Pinky69 ... I'm in Scotland as well lol ... But I am beginning to think that perhaps consulting one would be a good place to start.
  7. Please .. please can somebody help me with this??? I need to know where I should start in order to take them to Court?? Maybe it's best I consult a lawyer?? If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be most grateful.
  8. Please guys ... really needing some direction here, want to strike while the momentum is up...
  9. Hi guys .. Update time, Bank of Scotland have now been sent two letters, both of which I offer to make full repayment if they remove the default from my file ... Both times they have chosen to completely ignore me So I am now at the stage where I definitely want to commence court proceedings. I can't believe how they have the gall to completely ignore any inroads I try to make to rectify this situation. Surely it is in their best interest to get their money back than nothing at all, which is what they're getting now!! My question is how do I go about starting this, I also now wa
  10. Hi Pinky, I couldn't get a direct number for track and trace but got through to Royal Mail customer services which quite frankly was a complete waste of time! She advised me to fill in the compensation form and post it!! So hopefully that was a blip as I can honestly say I've never had a problem with them not being delivered before this incident, so they should get it tomorrow. I will definitely keep you posted, thanks again for your help.
  11. Thanks Pinky69, I will send them another letter asking them that. I sent a letter by recorded on the 29th Feb asking that very same thing, and have had no reply. Unfortunately when I enter the tracking number to trace the delivery, it keeps telling me that the item has been "taken from the delivery office for delivery this morning" .. it's been telling me that for two months now !!! It's not like them to not reply though it generally does take them a while .. but not this long!
  12. Hi guys, just an update for you .. I have received another letter from Moorcroft DC's saying that they will instruct a doorstep collector to call at my home, despite me sending them a copy of the letter on the 29th March, their letter is dated 8th April (a quick copy of the letter bigegg drafted for me is below) ... They are now the fourth DC's to try and collect this debt whilst it is still in dispute, the letter has worked for all of the others it just seems to be passed around from pillar to post. Do you think if I was to write to the B of S and offer to take over the full payments, o
  13. Hey it has both our names, that's why I was asking if it would be anything to do with the data protection not showing me my sons signature???
  14. Thanks I appreciate everyones help ... I'll get that organised this afternoon
  15. So I should send off a letter to the Bank .. asking them why both our names appear on the agreement but only my signature??? but not to mention anything else regarding the rescission at this point??
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