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  1. I am about to start procedings against my landlord for not protecting my GFs bond. Does it matter that she signed the tennacy dated last year and that in the tennancy it says the bond willbe kept in a bank. does the legislation still apply?
  2. Perfect thanks for that, Yes it is only for the girlfriends rent and amount of around £800 . She moved out 4 months before the end of tennancy. My GF mentioned to him about the deposit and he response was "do it, my lawyer said it doent apply to me" cant fully validate the truth in what he says!!! But it think that is a good idea..... I will try with him again
  3. Hi there sorry to bother, but I desperatly need some advice!! Ill try to keep it breif. Basically its to do with early termination of a joint AST and claiming for the deposit that wasnt protected. My girlfriend was living in a house for a year, two of the tennants left an two more replaced and were put onto the tennancy, after a month my girlfriend in her final year of her masters decided to come and live with me as it was much cheaper for her and better place to study. She then told the other 2 girls who said ok and agreed to try and fine someone else to replace as she kno
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