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  1. so he should tax evasion is a very serious issue and you can get a reward for that if he is convicted on ur evidence. It all come back to TS if they did their job they would be a lot less traders doing it.
  2. Amazing the lengths they will go very similart as they told me of mileage difference after i had layed deposit and put it on receipt when i picked up maybe out to be a years miles differences basically but he thoughtt he could cover himself by doing this. He knew the real difference buty just pleaded he didnt know to obtain the valuation. They are becoming more clever how they do it now.
  3. Mot run out june 11th so i couldnt leave as it would of been illegal so that would be my argument lol, i intend to repair what i can ie the starter i cant afford the rest. I dont trust the trader as he is lying even about the car i px and the history of one owner who is known to quite dangerous, i believe they would damage the car if let do the motor. And by accepting it would leave it difficult to ask for compensation regarding milegae differnce possibly.
  4. i have to send a rejection letter, as i have had a reply offering to supply starter motor, i have just mot and it passed just. Just working out what i should ask for now considering i have no intention on him touching the car at all. Thanks for that its not to bad then dont like the idea of going to court but then i dont intend to let himg get away with it.
  5. how much has it cost so far? it slikely im going to start proceeding i guarantee i will, the cost worrys me though
  6. I certainly hope so, its very encouraging to hear. Im guessing you have to get the bailiffs to get whatyour owed though?
  7. MP has sent me a email and she has written to TS regarding this, hopefulkly this may give them more impoteus to sort it
  8. Let me know what he has to say i will be doing the same through intenet and tweets to my mp, which i am at the minute. Time they did what they are there to do.
  9. i wonder if we could sue TS and the council for not enforcing on these ?
  10. Exactly same as my position and this report stating what needs to change in 2010!! says it all really http://www.oft.gov.uk/OFTwork/markets-work/cars#.UZnnZrUp-o2
  11. I was thinking i could resell the car using the same advert and description. It is clear that TS do nothing to stop it, if something comes back i can simply lie. TS can invsetigate while i rip off more unsuspecting customers who will simply be advised to either take the offer as you wont get anything else. Or pursue but wont get your money back. I think its a good idea. written to local mp via twitter
  12. Let me know how it goes David i agree they do not enforce the law and traders know it.
  13. I will certainly let u know David, this is going on in every city and clearly allowed to get away with it. But i will never give up i have al lot evidence that i have found which ts have and i have if ts wont do anything then il got to mp etc until i do get somewhere. Have u tryed ur local mp?
  14. Thanks for that David this is why i have kept the car i am not allowing them to replace even the starter motor as they have failed to acknowledge all othe rfaults and the mileage. I am getting mot'd and repaired and i willl be going to court to try recoup the money what is and will be owed. In the mean time i am naming and shaming these people in paticular the owner who recently came out of prison for fraud. Court would and any money recovered will be a bonus really but i have gone to papers police and kicking up as much fuss as possible anything i can think of lol.
  15. TS has told me i have to pursue this through civil action, but also advised i dont relate to their investigations. Im told they have been investigating for a extensive period collecting evidence. What annoys me is they know what they are doing but insuspecting customers are getting ripped off, they are aware but do nothing, i know of at least 1 car that is been mis selled now. where does this leave me?
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