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  1. update.....still refusing vt, spoken to trading standards who say they are acting illegally. the FO have written to them and if i havent had a satisfactory reply in 8 weeks then they will make a judgement against them. telephone calls and letters have now stopped,they mustnt like being ignorred.
  2. sent a letter regarding phone calls so hopefully they will stop,just need to know whats the next course of action
  3. oh yes and get this for a joke they intend to bombard me with calls every day as i told him from now on contact is to be by letter only i said thats harrasment and he said it wasnt as i owe money so ill be sending a letter about that also. these ppl think they are a law unto themselves or above the law.
  4. phoned them today and spoke to a "mathew" who said he was cancelling the vt as i didnt have all the service history,he said i now owe more money and that he did not aknowledge the storage charges.also when i told him that i was going to report them to fo and oft he said he wasnt bothered and i now owe the full amount.
  5. today i had an envelope with no letter from them containing my key,v5,service history and mot.should i return them again?
  6. just an update had a letter today from fc saying sorry that i had to complain and that they will investigate my complaints and contact me again once they have done this. they didnt actually reply with the response which the letter demands.
  7. thankyou very much ill send this recorded first thing tommorow and post thier response when it arrives.
  8. they also say quote if i do not take the car to a designated place of thier choice they will charge me £100 which i must pay upfront before they will collect the vehicle
  9. I have had a car financed on hp by the funding corporation.I am over half way through the agreement and due to my circumstances changing i can no longer afford the payments. I have never been in arrears so i sent them a letter requesting a vt,they asked me to send them the spare key,v5,mot,and service history.They also sent me a letter stating i owed no arrears and had payed more than the amount required for a vt. today i had a phone call to say that one service was missing from the booklet and therefore they cannot accept a vt.but if i send a letter requesting voluntary surrender and sign to
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