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  1. Good luck Vindicated, let us know how you get on!!
  2. bump - I would really appreciate some advice about whether the companys reponse re the tax / N.I. position is the kind of response i should have been expecting as i think its very vague
  3. Hi Godmother, I thought about adding up the hours but I don't have any records or evidence of the unpaid hours that I have put in over the years. My line managers would be able to vouch for me but we could not quantify the number of hours with any proof. The company has written off a year's worth of the debt now & I think they would probably claim that this would cover any unpaid hours that I have worked previously. Thanks for the advice though
  4. Thanks Helio. On reflection, I offered a 50:50 split with the company and they have bettered that offer, albeit their offer has come about because of (yet another) mistake that they have made. I will probably sign the repayment plan, hold on to the job as long as poss (unless they offer a good redundancy package) and seek alternative employment. I'm off sick with stress at the mo, I just want to get better and not have to fight any more & I think this solution offers the quickest resolution. I cannot continue to work for a company that is deducting money from me as a result of thei
  5. The 24% thing relates to how they are going to make sure that i don't pay tax & N.I. on the repayments. The good news is that the company agreed to wipe off 12 months of the overpayment (about £8K) leaving me with the remaining 8 months to repay (about £6K). However, the bad news is that i might be redundant when i go back to work, I'm currently off sick with stress!! However, this might be good news if the redundancy package is right as i don't really want to commute 3 hours to and from work every day for a company that has treated me the way it has! How are you getting on with yo
  6. Hi Che, thanks for the reply! I have read the thread before any of my postings - agreed that it is a great source of information I think my questions are not addressed in the previous thread - should i sign the repayment plan if i think that i might be able to walk away with redundancy because if i do walk away, then i may go down the ET route to get the overpayment written off in its entirety (as per the Barclays case in the papers last week) as opposed to letting the company take all the redundancy payment in settlement of the overpayment i.e. left with nothing and looking for a new caree
  7. Hi Godmother, thanks for your comments - I contacted HR about the tax/N.I. stuff and their response is posted here.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/employment-problems/206408-overpayment-tax-n-i.html would appreciate your input!
  8. Cheers Aaron, i'll check the contract. I moved directly from a job at company B to a job at company A therefore it is a continuous service.
  9. I have received an offer of a repayment plan for an overpayment of £14K over 20 months (jul 07 - mar 09). The offer states: 1 - gross overpayment amount 2 - gross overpayment amount written off by company 3 - gross overpayment amount outstanding 4 - gross monthly payment to be made for 24 months to repay the outstanding amount. I contacted my employer and asked them if they would clarify the position in terms of Tax & N.I. as I believe (from CAG advice) that I am only liable to pay back the net amount. The employer has given me the following advice and I'm seeking cla
  10. Hi, In Feb 2009 it came to light that i have been overpaid by the company for a period of 20 months. There was an investigation which found that i was unaware of the overpayment and had not deliberately withheld the money. The overpayment was a mistake of fact and the error was with the company. It has taken several months but eventually the company has agreed to write off 12 months of the overpayment and allowed me to repay the remaining 8 months of the overpayment over a two year period. Last week there was a similar case involving Barclays (employee overpaid to the tune of
  11. Hi, Assuming that Company A is the parent company of Company B - I joined Company B in 1999 and transferred to Company A (parent group) in 2005. If I were now to be made redundant from Company A would the redundancy payment be calculated on 10 years service or on the 4 years that I have worked in the parent company? (A) Sorry if this is misleading - I couldn't think of a better way of explaining
  12. I've now had an offer from HR regarding repayment of the overpayment. HR have agreed: > overpayment is £14K gross > they will write off £8K gross leaving me with £6K gross to pay > subject to my written approval they will deduct £260 gross on a monthly basis for 24 months. In principle I am happy with this outcome however, before i have seen a lot of advice to check the position for tax/N.I. and make sure that it is included in the company's offer - should I sign the letter as it is subject to a discussion about the tax/N.I or should i get further clarification from
  13. Recent case of a woman who was overpaid £20K over 3 years - she took her employer to Employment Tribunal & won the case.... Barclays bank worker given double pay in error will keep getting it | Mail Online
  14. Excellent - thank you. I will request a copy or transcript immediately
  15. Hi, My companies HR department operates on a single internal phone number. I have been led to believe that all calls to this number are recorded. I have placed a call to this number recently and had a conversation with a member of HR. The following day the HR operative disputed some aspects of the conversation. Does anybody know if I have the right to request a copy of the recorded call?
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