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  1. I think its just the typical tricks that these Car Parking companies use, putting signs in inconvenient places, fo r example our local Sainsburys has now introduced parking restrictions, the private car parking company place a sign about 3 feet wide and 1 foot high with the sign placed on a bend at the rear of a building where you have to concentrate on the road, so you can not read the sign if you are driving correctly to avoid an accident, then when you do actually get into the car parking area there are signs, but they are mounted approx 10-12 feet up the lighting poles and the print is small to say the least, I would say something between a 6 font for most of it, which is totally unreadable with good eyesight let alone someone like me with bad eyesight and many others, the signage is very dirty and at the best of times is virtually unreadable, so that combined with the bad location signage as you enter is totally against the motorist from the minute they turn into the road. I have seen people get tickets and advised them to NOT PAY it and go and complain to the manager of the store, (one day I managed to get a queue of 8 people all wanting to have a go at him and I just happened to have a copy of a draft letter to Sainsburys head office which I gave each, several got back to me later to say their tickets had been rescinded by sainsburys instructions to the parking company one of these people had just spent over £500 in the store and then walks out 7 minutes late to find a ticket on the windscreen. ... I have done a little thing, which I don't want to disclose on here, and am waiting for a ticket to check it out if it works.... .. and if it doesn't watch this space because the sparks will fly, this is done in conjunction with my solicitor and it will be a test case.. .. I've already contested 3 council issued tickets and won each as they had to back down because their employees had done it wrong.. ... oh what a surprise, so I am waiting to see what happens......
  2. My late father was a chauffeur one day he had to take his boss (a magistrate amongst other things) to a do in Southend on Sea, when he arrived he pulled up outside the venue, which had double yellow lines and was met by a policeman who said " you can't park here mate, move on now" he explained he was just dropping off his boss and then would be gone, but the PC decided no he would not let him do that, so dad drove around the block to try and find somewhere close to the venue to drop off his boss. When he got around near the venue front he saw that the Mayors car and chauffeur were parked on the same double yellows as he had been chased off from, so he pulled up went round and opened the door for his boss and the PC came like a rocket and said "I told you once, you can not stop there, I am going to give you a ticket for parking on double yellow lines" so my dad, very quick thinkingly said "if you ticket me then make sure that you give THAT car a ticket too as he's parked on Double Yellow lines too" the PC thought for a minute and walked away, no ticket issued, so my dad let his boss out and stayed there all evening, when the do finished he let his boss get in and drove him home, the mayors car was still parked on the DY's when he left. Apparently the following day his boss complained to the Officer in charge at Southend Police Station and the PC got a warning... .. talk about 2 sides to every story...... . and 2 sets of rules, and for info a JP has a small sticker in the front window of his car which just has the letter "J", nothing else and you even get away with speeding tickets etc if you have that........
  3. I fink they are peopl who actualli reed bits of paper that come in envi lopes and understand wot it means... and knot ignore official letters especially from the IO as dey cud lose their licens by actin ilegally........... O wunder hoe big therir turnover of staf is.... horrendous \i can imagine........lol
  4. Lowells are such a stupid company, 3 years ago I had no choice but to go Bankrupt through a DRO (Debt Relief Order) which is where your debts are under £15k and you have no assets as such. The insolvency office accepted the application and that was that........a year in Bankruptcy and then cleared but the DRO stays on your credit file for 6 years. About a month after the DRO was accepted Lowells were sending me letters which at first I ignored, (none of the others sent anything) then they got to 2 a week so I telephoned the Insolvency Office and explained what was happening with Lowells, they asked me to send the letters to them and they would sort it out for me.... Only after the IO sent them a letter (I got a copy somewhere, but just moved house so you can imagine the chaos) and boy did they rip into Lowells and even threatened to take them to court as they were abusing their powers and god knows what else... I don't know why but the letters stopped after that...... seems Lowells are the worst of the lot wheb it comes to common sense.....
  5. Thanks guys, I have now got a copy of her contract and will read through over next couple of days and come back to you on it.
  6. She has just paid the deposit and rent as stated to start the tenancy at the flat. The agent is talking about next year if she stays... I have rented out a house before and also rent a house now, but I have never heard that the agent can take money from the security deposit before. Apparently this is mentioned in the contract she signed...... I am awaiting a full copy of the agreement to see the exact wording... should get it tonight..
  7. I need a little advice please, my step daughter has just rented a new flat. After moving in the Agent said "are you wanting to stay here more than 12 months?" she replied I would like to. The agent said "because there will be a £95 renewal fee and we can take it out of your deposit you paid " I thought that this was illegal to take money from a deposit, isnt it supposed to be lodged with an independent company and only payable after the SHT has ended.... I will be grateful for any advice please.
  8. If the body that is supposed to regulate and represent Private Car Parking Companies, the BPA is in fact SIP parking ltd and therefore can not be considered of being able to make a "Fair" judgement in an appeal......? or am I wrong in thinking this?
  9. Thanks Pavi, thats an eye opener to say the least........... Oh I wish they would give me a ticket, I'm getting withdrawal symptons of not following up my Middle Name......... They probably haven't registered because I presume that costs money...........and they don't like paying out money as well know...............
  10. More people want to dispute claims of real PCN issued by street wardens employed by local councils. I live in an area where because of the millions of students who try and park down our street nr the Uni, we have to pay £40/yr for parking permits to park in the street outside your own house. I fought for 4 1/2 yrs to get a disabled bay put in, eventually after issuing Small claims proceedings against the County council for failing to do what they agreed at arbitration, they put one in to basically shut me up (read my middle name above) explains what I am like and proud to stand up to them. Anyway getting back to the subject, last year, 2013 our lovely street wardens issued me with 3 PCN's for parking a disabled vehicle in a disabled bay outside my own house displaying Blue Badge everything as required by law. I challenged all of them and won the appeals, the last one was the best one though as i demanded copies of the photos taken by the street warden at the time and in 5 out of 6 pictures you could clearly see my Blue Badge displayed. An elderly man in the next street parked his Disabled vehicle in his BB bay outside his house and they issued him with a PCN he was so frightened by it that he paid it, and when i told him to appeal against it they refused his appeal and refused to supply the pictures (supposedly) taken at the time.... You have got to watch the councils as well for their only after your money.
  11. Can you ask DVLA not to divulge your information to anyone other than Police, and Local authorities, who are the only ones that can issue a Real PCN....? Isn't it a breach of the Data protection act if you tell them that you do not want your details disclosed and then they do so....???
  12. It does say on the last paragraph to sign and return to them PRIOR to the appointment... Don't forget to take a copy for your own records just in case.
  13. If I remember correctly you could send a copy of the Transcript to the other side (by recorded delivery so you have a receipt of delivery) giving all the details of where when and names (somehow) then they would be aware you are using a copy of the transcript as evidence in your appeal, and as they are playing silly buggers about recording interviews and will not supply details of when they could supply the equipment you can use, it would have to be taken into account.... Like when Police do an interview they always say where when and whom is present in the interview. This is only my OWN OPINION and should not be taken as law......
  14. Just for Info, a friend of mine (she is a staff nurse) has been approached by an agency to have a telephone interview and if that goes OK then a formal Interview with someone in Nottingham, the job...... to do Interviews for PIP assessments, which may entail going out to clients home to do a medical assessment..... it is NOT CAPITA, who we was told would be doing the PIP assessments in the East Midlands....... so I wonder who this is then?
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