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  1. Up Date: Applied to get this struck out & a counter claim, we do battle in court on the 11th June 2010..... Watch this space
  2. Continue from above, if i want to put in a counter claim will it cost me money or is it linked with this case and if i apply to strike it out how do i go about that ? Baz
  3. Well, i still have not received any disclosure documents and i have to file by the 25/02/10, this friday, what documents i want to see, how can i do this if they have not complied, do i just send a letter and ask for all documents they have regarding this matter. HELP is needed ..... Baz
  4. Hi emandCole, Thats the main problem they have not shown me anything, even if you look at the first claim, they have not shown me any agreements, default notices or the like, they are just still saying without any strict evidence that i had an account with XXX Bank and monies are outstanding on the account from 2001. I think the best thing to do now is apply to have this struck out, what do you think ? Baz
  5. Well today was the day both parties were to give standard disclosure of documents, well i kept up my end of the bargain, and both the county court & the claimants solicitor received my disclosure. But i have not received a thing from them ?. Apart from a letter i received from the claimants solicitor @ the begining of this week in reply to my CPR request. They stated that "Thank you for your letter dated 27/01/2010 requesting we supply documents within 7 days of your letter. You will be aware that the court has given directions for the management of this claim and you were to file a
  6. The section in red is still confusing me ? sorry.. Baz
  7. Ok, i am also drafting a nice letter to the court explaining how they have not complied to any request that i have made. Could you please have a look at my post no:92, and try to explain whats the best to do ? Thanks very bizy Baz
  8. That is correct, that is all in motion , but i have to get a disclosure in by this thur (18/02/10), as orderd by the judge at Romford. Baz
  9. Thanks vjohn82 all understood, do i have to list all the court papers that i have received then ? Little confused with the "located elsewhere than" & "in categories other than" questions ?. This could be a multitude of things ? I just want to keep it simple for now ? Baz
  10. Ok, i was under the impression that i had to disclose all information i had to do with the case ?
  11. No its private between myself and another party that has helped me..
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