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  1. Hi all the people on this thread Flaminscoty here, I note that there have been 59,530 views on this thread regarding link financial! I have been a victim of this debt collection agency and cant help wandering how much evidence does it take for the FSA and OFT to start listening to the general public regarding the way this company deals with the debt collection,and how have they managed to get away with what they do? how many more people are going to suffer/ I know that there are several GAGERS who have been attempting to get enough evidence to try and get the government bodies who are
  2. Nikolaus from Flaminscoty, just seen your E-mail thanks by the way. This is what link financial did to me DO NOT SEND THEM BACK YOUR COURT PAPERS! send them back to the court office that issued them! This is a deliberate act by link financial to interfere with the service of papers on you! They will then sit on your papers until past the 14 days to reply! They will then go to court and win by default claiming that you did not comply with the service of papers! They did this to me and then went ahead and stitched me up with a charging order on my property and as far as the FSA and O
  3. Thank you DX for helping me.yes Link are threatening court action and are quite prepared to lie cheat and do anything illegal to get their pound of flesh you will find that I have had to deal with this **** before and this time I am NOT going to let them getaway with it!As far as I know link Financial are now the legal owners of my debt and like to send threatening letter that say they are the legal owners of my debt, but when I say fine you are legally responsible for my claim against MBNA as they purchased my debt!Can any one tell me what the legal side of all this amounts to?Flaminscoty.
  4. Hi all I took out a loan with MBNA that went into default Pay Plan were paying them off for me then I decided to fight the so and sos. I think that the original cca was taken out before June 2007 and there are no enforceable proscribed terms etc. There was PPI covering this loan and MBNA did not deal with that before default. So should not have been sold onto Link in the first place. I have sent of a letter to link with my £1 postal order asking for copies of original CCA. got a letter from link saying they are contacting MBNA for CCA. The letter goes
  5. "hello everbodypeeps" "Loadsaaaaamoney" here or thats what people seem to think anyway......if only it were True................big.........sigh! Any way OK back to the real world of DIY legal stuff! How do I make a claim using CPR13.6.....and how do I find out about 2006 CCA "unfair relationships" amendments I refereed to this in my skeleton argument at last "set aside" and the judge refused to accept that there was an unfair relationships something to do with the fact that LF and myself had been in communication....did not really give a toss what that communication was about though....
  6. Hi Debbbbbbbbbbsy, Thanks for your support, just finished filling in online application for Barristers Direct will have to be patient, Flimnscoty..XXXXXXX.
  7. HI ALL........"only me" YEP I AGREE "WHAT KNOW BROWN COW???" over to you.....emandcole? Flaminscoty.
  8. Hi ever body peeps, The story so far with flaminscoty and link..... My sols advice........cant win! give up! go to Halifax and increase your mortgage and give LF what they want! OHHHK so did that went to Halifax and their answer to my little problem is.......we are sorry to hear you are having a problem! LF tell us that they have got a charging order on your house by legal means and as far as we are concerned fine by us not our problem cant help want help yabo sucks to you Mr flaminscoty........I broke down in the Halifax and they oh so kindly showed me the door.... So catch 22 appl
  9. Sorry emandcole, I am drifting from your main topic of your thread! Yea I got a "stinky Linky" letter too but lost in my house......silly boy! I am going to subject access request LF for full disclosure of all docs and see if a "stinky Linky" turns up........if it does not maybe LF are following our forum in disguise!!!!! Flaminscoty....
  10. Hi Pinky69, what a good idea! when people wake up to the power at their disposal it is surprising what can be achieved. I am fully prepared to bring LINK from the shadows out in in to the sun light and expose them for the common criminals that the really are. MY question to the powers that be is "when does enforced debt collecting become extortion with threats?" And who is responsible for drawing the line between la git business and criminal activity? Flaminscoty......can someone in site team start a new thread with that question as a tittle? PS LF sent letter yesterday informing
  11. Wow easy tiger you going to blow a boiler! I am wondering if we reported link for money laundering or tax evasion anything child pornography who gives a tomtit so long as they get what they deserve I was thinking maybe tipping of the yanks that Osama Dunroming is alive and well and living in a small office in Cardiff...................woooooooosh......and there will be mushrooms a plenty in the old town tonight,,,,,,,,ah well dream on! falaminscoty.....
  12. Hi angry, Flaminscoty thanks for all your help and support on the thread, you know my story regarding link how about this to keep the pot boiling link also after me via MBNA and am sending complaint to FOS as I was paying for PPC and am asking MBNA why the PPC did not pay up and stop me from being defaulted....Nice lady at MBNA sent me a nice little cheque in the post for £722.27p Regards charging order link say they know no other creditor other than Halifax?????oh yea what about LINK FINANCIAL (London) or does this not count??? Flaminscoty....
  13. Hi emandcole. Flaminscoty here, I like your lets get the nice people at "stink crimecentral" I hope every thing is going the way you want! If you have been following my thread thanks to citizenB(meeeeow!). I am going to be talking to the CAB via their complaints procedure! I will be most interested to know why my friend at CAB did not make a super complaint to OFT, FOS and anyone ealse that has the power to sink link! He told me at the time that he would but seems to have chickened out! When I get anymore news I will post it up! I am waiting to here what progress my local MP is
  14. Flaminscoty, I am doing every thing I can to stop LF! see flamiscoty and link. I have been given the brush off by the powers that be and am not very happy bunny! I will do every thing I can to help bring this bunch of cowboys down. My local MP is starting an investigation. Any evidence I can use big or small I will use! My thread flaminscoty and link.... my MP is B Jenkins! I will be asking him to look at why the OFT and FOS and all the People with the power are doing nothing There must be more than enough info on this forum to get the wheels in motion now! Is there
  15. Hi Flaminscoty here, I am in the process of suing CAB due to the way they allowed LF to get a charging order by default. I have sent a load of evidence to The judge that heard my second attempt at trying to get my charging order set aside see Flaminscoty and Link! I am making a formal complaint to OFT FOS TS and my local MP is starting an investigation. B Jenkins MP (conv)... Any help that cagers can come up with will help me greatly. I CAN NOT ALLOW THIS COMPANY TO GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY ARE DOING! I AM CONVINCED THERE MUST BE MORE THAN ENOUGH EVIDENCE ON THIS FORUM TO SINK LINK
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