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  1. ok thanks for all your help how do i go about requesting refund?? any templates and surely even if i get refund ill have to pay it all back one day anyway
  2. i no im bein thick but threaten to report them for wat is there any template letters for this
  3. ok but in the meanitime do i keep paying and can i really claim back wat i have already paid
  4. student account so wat is my next step in english lol. do i write saying i am cancelling all payments and issue a sar and then pay it off??
  5. ok i will put in a letter all this. do u mean a cca signed by me to the bank or moorcroft. i cant remember wat i signed wen i opened the account really so they may in fact have a cca i dont know
  6. but i spent the money its not for charges just what i spent from overdraft surely i cant refuse to pay wat i spent?? i dont really understand how it all works
  7. thanks i will cancel dd and c what happens fromthere after i have written to them
  8. before the first june?? wat about payment im new to this
  9. ok but its done by direct debit so do i write a letter and wait for response then cancel as direct debit is going out on 1st june
  10. i had a big argument with them wen i already lowered it first time it was at £50 per month and then i said i cudn't afford so was lowered to £40 as it was lowest they wud agree to go so can i write to them wanting to lower the payments each month as account is closed so it isnt affceting my actual bank account
  11. thanks i will write to ask for everything to be sent and try to put in a claim
  12. they are collecting on behalf of natwest the debt is from about 18 months ago. im still at uni and i wasnt using the account for a certain amount of time so they shut it down and tried to claim overdraft we are currently forking out on llyods debts to this is a bit much not had a proper notice of assignment
  13. thanks yep i have moved so i will add that tpo letter i received letter today and it had service charge and default charge do i claim for both of these
  14. i have read several threads am i able to claim back all charges if so what do i claim and how do i go about it im new to all of this
  15. i had a student account with natwest which was around 1250 and was passed to moorcroft i have been paying it off at £40 per month which i am struggling to afford i told them this bu they said £40 is the minimum payment they will accept is this true or can i fight them to lower it and how do i go about it
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