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  1. And they have already had the £1.00 when i originally cca'd them, i am thinking prehaps they do not have the original agreement anymore as i have heard Aqua are really bad at keeping there original paperwork. What happens if they never come up with the original agreement even though my account is not behind and i owe them £2500.00 as i am basically just paying interest every month 39.9%
  2. Okay, i will get this letter typed up and sent off tommorrow. Many thanks
  3. Thanks, but would this letter work, even though they did reply, but just did not send me the signed agreement, and in there letter they are saying they are quite within there right by not sending me the signed agreement by law.
  4. When i started this thread i send off a few letters, and these are the replys i received. Blackhorse finace (reduced payment letter) £117 reduced to £40 Capquest (cca) they replied with the original cca Aqua credit card (cca) replied (no copy of the original cca) Natwest (reduced payment letter) no reply been three weeks
  5. Can anyone please help as i have cca Aqua Credit Card and i have finally received a response, they have sent me this covering letter and some generic terms and conditions, still no original signed agreement. Are they correct in what they are saying in the letter, or is there another letter i can send them to get the original signed agreement as the interest rates are extortinate and i think they have never been charging the agreed interest rate of 19.9% apr from the beginning of the contract, but instead i am paying 39.9% apr. I am currently upto date with payments , but do not want to pay the
  6. Many thanks, i will be putting the letter together tonight and keep the thread updated on the outcome.
  7. Hi Cas I have cca,d them and Capquest send me a letter saying please allow 28 days while they find the information i require, they said they have to go back to there client. (which is Tesco personal finace) and i doubt they have the original details anymore, as they sold the debt to Capquest. Capquest said in there letter the account is on hold while they look for the details. But then a few days later i received a letter from HL Legal asking for the agreed payment, which i presume is there inhouse solictors. It has not been 12 days since i send them the letter.
  8. Could someone please give me advice on what to do next, should i ignore the last solicitors letter or respond.
  9. I have uploaded it via photobucket, hope this helps Pictures by andy130108 - Photobucket
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