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  1. to 2 pints, i had a parking charge from UKPC in april which was followed by letters adding to the charge, debt collectors and so called solicitor. i still haven't paid, and will not pay. i've had no baliffs at my door, no court court summons and for about 4 months now had no more letters. Don't pay, don't reply to anymore of their letters it only encourages them to send more!! they are nothing more than empty threats, they will give up and move on to someone else.
  2. hi m3rzs doesn't matter where you got the ticket the respnse from them is the same. remember these companies also scan this site so keep dates/times/places/personal info to a minimum unless you want to assist them building a case against you. it will go on for months but just ignore
  3. You need a court hearing to be issued with a CCJ so they are bluffing. good for you not being intimidated by these [problematic] info from direct.gov.uk The purpose of a County Court Claim Someone you owe money to (a 'creditor') can take a County Court action against you to claim the money. If you pay the amount outstanding, you can avoid a hearing or judgment. If not, there'll be a simple court hearing in private. You can attend if you wish, or just send the information the court asks for by post. The court doesn't find anyone 'guilty' or 'innocent'. It looks at the facts and
  4. since April, about the same amount from UKPC, made the mistake of answering to begin with which only encourages them. 3-4 from UKSEARCH, even though i wrote back to say payment was in dispute and to refer back to UKPC, so waste of stamp if you intend to go down that route. waiting for the same amount from this lot. the clue is in the letter 'may take legal action', if they thought for they would win in court the letter would state will take action. for those who are worried think about the amount of serious offences that are lost in court based on a technicality. Do you think t
  5. For those who have been fined/billed/invoiced (or what ever they call it now) by UKPC and then been threatened by UKsearch this is what comes after......... just had a letter from Incasso, who state they are SOLICITORS - (why do they feel the need to put that word in bold caps? maybe they thought I'd be intimidated) in relation to UKPC's unpaid monies. They have said that if i don't pay in 10 days they may (not will) take legal actions. not even going to reply, will not be paying. If a court summons ever arrives I will let you know. Until then I will not be losing any sleep over it.
  6. thanks for that, just out of interest, if they do keep writitng can i have them investigated under harassment act? had 7 letters in total between these 2 [causing problems] companies
  7. still having problems with UKPC who have they sent to my case to UKsearch (sure they are the same company, can anyone confirm this?) to collect the alleged debt. i wrote to them with the template - 'in dispute send back to UKPC' etc. however they have written back - "please enclosed picture of your vehicle causing obstruction etc". Can they do this as debt collectors? and now another letter today threatening legal action or doorstep debt collecters (sure the latter can only be done if the case goes to court??) any suggestions on a reply, should i reply or wait a court summons?
  8. good point and thanks. will use the money on a bar of chocolate instead!!will keep you posted of any other letters they may send.
  9. do you mean don't send the letter at all or add nothing else to it?
  10. wish i had been on this site before i responded to a private parking company (UKPC). They claimed i was not parked within a designated bay, i have argued that this is not the case as marking on the ground indicate that it was a bay and no signs stated otherwise. am now kicking myself that i didn't just write asking them to prove i was the driver and they now have evidence that i have admitted to parking there. i am going to write back using some of the template Quote: Dear Sirs, Re: Vehicle Reg No: [#] On [dd mmmm yyyy] you issued a parking ticket to the above mentioned
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