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  1. Thank you that is quite enlightening. As already stated they have admitted that they have not been in contact with him for a long time and as I am paying they probably wont be. I am aware that it is apparaently the decision of the DCA who they chase and if they agree to the terms in the divorce proceedings but as you say it would be interesting to find out why they have not contacted him first - if indeed they have at all
  2. Thank you for that - its the fact that I am no longer receiving maintenance that makes me want to enforce it all the more
  3. Thank you again for that info. I know (even though I don't have a copy here) that my ex wrote on the affidavit that he has agreed to pay any outstanding loans and this was obviously stamped as seen and agreed by the court. I am thinking of just continueing paying until I have the copy and then just send that to Link with his address but not sure if this is just a cop out
  4. Just a thought - if they should be sending me regular statements and never have, why should I pay to receive them? Also, sorry to be thick but what does YW stand for?
  5. That is not worth doing at the mo - he has just walked out on his job, not even I am getting a penny in child maintenance. Will have to sit and wait on that one for a while. In the meantime a copy of my affidavite which has his agreement to pay any joint debts has been requested and I will write off a cca and save for a subject access request. Many thanks for all your help guys and girls
  6. It is the DCA that have told me this - they even said on the phone today that they have not been in contact with him for quite a while! I have also never once received a statement from them the whole time I have been paying!! How would I go about getting the money back off my ex?
  7. Ok thank you will send that off and see what they come up with
  8. Thank you for that letter cerbersalert - the debt was taken out in joint names, although I have since changed mine. I don't think i can go on the angle that it was not my debt
  9. It is for an old loan debt of which should be paid by my former husband as part of the divorce agreement - however they came ringing and ringing me until I caved in and have been paying it since. I did say to them today that I will obtain another copy of the agreement (as normal for them they say they do not have the paperwork) and send it to them, then they can harrass him instead of a single parent. Sorry bit of a rant there but no I have not CCA'd as I knew of the debt when they first started calling me
  10. Thank you, i thought as much. I think they were just trying to see if they can get me to pay the debt of quicker to be honest
  11. Just thought I would ask this as Link could not answer me and actually admitted they did not understand. For the second time in a week they have been on the phone asking me to update my agreement with them by sending my income and expenditure to them. When I asked on what legal basis can they ask for it they did not know and just said it was company policy. My response to them was I have been paying regularly since 2006, always paid on a monthly basis (although they claim that some payments have gone in late due to which would be due to weekends etc). They now say they will make a note tha
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