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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice regarding an alleged veterinary bill debt. After checking through the paperwork they have sent the total debt is £124.08 however the DCA are attempting to collect £253.90 which I'm presuming is the DCA adding their dodgy charges, they are also state on a letter that they even make a charge of £1 on debit card payments ( I thought they were not allowed to charge for debit card payments) The DCA is Debtsolve they are based in Redditch. I am worried that even if I pay the £124.08 they will still try to chase me for this £12
  2. Thanks Rebel11 I thought this might be the case re the application form , there is no PPI but there will be charges to claim back so I suppose all is not lost yet. I'll get to work on the docs this evening
  3. Shortly before Christmas I started receiving threat letters from a DCA who claim to be acting on behalf of Capital One. I sent a CCA request & have received a photocopy of an application form stapled to 2 copies of what they are calling a credit agreement but is simply a list of their t&c's with no signatures. This has got me a little confused, does the application form stand as an agreement? It has been signed but has no agreement number, credit limit or repayment terms. I'll scan all the pages( there are lots) as soon as I can, any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. I did request in my draft order that RW pay the cost of the hearing for the set aside. I have spoken to the court manager who told me to send details of my costs with a covering letter which would then be put to the judge. Surely I couldn't have asked for costs at the set aside hearing because there were more hearings to follow, so how could I have known what my costs would ultimately be :?
  5. Hi guys and gals , I'm looking for a little advice on claiming costs. To cut a long story short the DCA (Robinson Way) got a CCJ against me by filing all the paperwork at my old address despite having already sent correspondence to my new address. I had a hearing to set the claim aside (which they didn't show up to), and because there were issues with the credit agreement (I know they didn't have one!) another hearing was set up and the claimant was ordered to pay the £75 fee for it.......... which they never did so the whole thing was struck out. Not only did they fail to pay the hea
  6. Ahhh thanks Sillygirl1 It was quite funny at the first hearing, it was a lovely lady Judge who got quite cross that they hadn't turned up
  7. So I successfully got the judgement set aside based solely on my witness statement (big thank you to all the members who helped, including members of the site team) as Robinson Way were big chickens and didn't bother to turn up! So a little while later I received my copies of the judgement and time/date of the next hearing (small claims). The notice also stated that the claimant (Robinson Way) had to pay the £75 hearing fee by 10th September. I received a letter today from the Court stating as follows Upon the Courts own motion. The Court has made this order of it's own initiati
  8. I have to admit limited knowledge here, but I know for sure Robinson Way/Horwich Farrelly are the same people, in fact I beleive they even have the same mailing address
  9. Hi guys and gals sorry I haven't updated for a while but I've been bogged down with coursework, not helped by the kids being off at the minute Anyway, I've been given a date for the set aside hearing and It's coming up next week. I'm just a bit baffled by a letter I received from Robinson Way a while ago, which was basically telling me to acknowledge the debt and accept their offer of reduced payment, is it just me or does this seem a bit sneaky when there's a court date looming?!? I've pasted the main body of the letter for you to have a look at...... Any thought or advice will b
  10. I'm presuming it was entered in 08, is there any way I can find out? I had no way of making an application within that time limit, simply because I wasn't at the address (the exact date I left was 18th April) and had no idea what was happening
  11. The debt they're trying to chase me for is an old Next catalogue debt and the DCA is Robinson Way. There is no signed CCA..........I know this because I never signed one.... They originally tried to serve a warrant of execution at my old address where my ex still lives, but he didn't see fit to tell me about this! I only have one letter from these people to my current address dated 23/6/08, but for some reason they decided to serve the warrant which was issued 1/8/08 at my old address giving me no chance to defend it So now the court baliffs have sent me a letter saying "pa
  12. So I've filled in the form, could someone please have a look and tell me what you think? http://i890.photobucket.com/albums/ac104/StickySituation/img005.jpg http://i890.photobucket.com/albums/ac104/StickySituation/img004.jpg http://i890.photobucket.com/albums/ac104/StickySituation/App1.jpg
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