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  1. Thanks guys Sam, I'm in Stoke too so hello *waves* Ahh bugger, I've not got the dates on which I sent things. I'm such a fool!
  2. Thanks katpuss (and anyone that knows where it is lol) What happens when the account goes into dispute?
  3. Can I ask how I would do that? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all this. I've tried to bury my head in the sand for ages and now I'm trying to get it all sorted.
  4. I requested a CCA from Lowell a while back. I think there has been a post strike or something on because I got about 15 letters today. One from Lowell saying that they still hadn't heard from Shop direct about the CCA and one from Shop direct saying " We refer to a recent request for a copy of your agreement. Unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of an executed agreement, but for your information we enclase a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account. This version includes all contractual variations which have taken place. According to our rec
  5. I've recently been contacted by Wescot over an outstanding debt of £342 to O2. I sent a CCA request because I thought that is what I was supposed to do. I got this response back: "Dear Sir/Madam, Following your recent request for a copy of the signed agreement we can confirm that this account falls under the following legislation, Consumer Credit (Exempt Agreements) Order 1989, Article 3(!) and is therefore enforceable." Is there anything at all I can do, or should I make some sort of offer of payment now?
  6. I don't actually have a scanner but its the same letter that the person on this thread got http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/211966-capquest-response-cca-request.html Apart from mine is a photocopy and instead of the odd sig it has my name (minus my middle name) printed in type in the box. The letter also contained a photocopy of a letter that they sent me me when the debt was passed over and an ACTUAL print off of the 'terms of your capital one credit card agreement' with my original card agreement and my account number. Thanks very much
  7. According to the agreement it was taken out on 07/03/08
  8. So I've finally recieved a reply from the CCA request I sent off for ages ago. It's a photocopy of the ''Credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974'. which I must have signed online as my sig is in type rather than my actual sig. Does that mean the debt is enforceable and I have to pay now? (this one is for my cap1 debt and not my boyfriends)
  9. Does anyone have a letter or anything that I can send? Sorry I'm a bit confused about this all. As they've just sent me an illegible photocopy of credit agreement, a letter about them buying the debt and a list of transactions does that mean they've not conformed to my CCA request and the debt is unenforcable? Do I send them a letter stating this?
  10. I actually don't have access to a scanner and to be honest the type on the copy of the credit agreement is so small it's impossible to read.
  11. First of all sorry for the second post, I was unable to find the old one until I posted this. I recently made a post here about the problems I've been having with capquest. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/200510-capquest-making-my-life.html After sending the CCA letters for both myself and my boyfriend I've recieved a two replys. The one for me says they're putting my account on hold for 28 days whilst they get the info I asked them for. The reply for my boyfriend just includes a photocopy of the credit agreement, a copy of the letter they sent wh
  12. Thank you very much, that is a much stronger version of the letter. I'll send that one instead
  13. Both my partner and I are having major problems with capquest at the moment. We asked them to send proof of debt for my boyfriend and they sent us a photocopy of some credit card transactions and a photocopy of the original credit agreement. He decided he just wanted to get his paid off so we sent them a personal finance statement of his incomings and outgoings and offered to pay them £5 a month. They accepted this eventually and sent us out a direct debit form which we filled in and sent them straight back. They've been ringing constantly for days now, and we're not willing to deal to d
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