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  1. Barny, I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going too well at work for you at the moment. To cover some of your questions... First of all, the employee handbook, contract and even offer and acceptance letters all form as part of your Terms of Employment. Even though your company requested that you attend training, and offered to pay for it doesn't make much difference. In employment law, the company can claim the money from you only if you have a transferrable skill. Really this means that if your training could benefit yourself or a future employer, then they can clai
  2. My dealings with Online Finance have been totally appalling... I handed back the car voluntarily, but now they're being arsey about things, saying that they will counterclaim if I lodge a claim with them. Apart from that, have no other dealings.
  3. tekcom

    full time job?

    I agree, I have 12 claims on the go at the moment, and it is very difficult to keep up to date. As an IT engineer, I have come up with a database that helps me, I scan the letters i receive, and it prompts me when things are due. Helps out loads.
  4. Glenn, Thanks for the heads-up... I am aware of the equity thing, but I rent where I am living, and have no assets over £100. My only asset of value is my car, which is still under HP, and is in use for work. As such the HP aggreement wont become part of the IVA anyway. It's either this, or bankruptcy. My debt is about £65,000... mainly through stupidity as a younger chap. Live and learn I guess. On the up side, I haven't had a credit card or loan for about 6 years, not that anyone would give me one; but it's easy to live without them. Adam.
  5. Anya, I'm in the same situation, my advice is to keep pressing them for the cheque payment. I've been advised that I should have stipulated this in my MCOL Particulars of Claim. Oh well, that still doesn't preclude me from not getting what I want. I guess the key is whether or not the account has been sold to a DCA, or just passed out for collection on behalf of Cap 1. Keep going though, incidentally, MBNA and Citibank are all doing them same. Fu**ers :-P
  6. Glenn, Thanks for the advice, the debts were sold and not just collected on behalf of the original creditor. You have given me some hope to reclaiming these charges. I have been advised that an IVA would be the best option for me, and yes I agree that reducing my debt would be the best option. However, it is not one that I am able to take right now. Again, thanks. Adam
  7. I've had problems with various credit card companies saying that as I owe them more than they owe me, that my settlement will be offset against the debt. I'm still trying to find out if this is legal for them to do or not. Essentially, my debts have been assigned to DCA's, so the card companies do not even own the debt anymore.... I'll be watching your thread with great interest. Good luck !
  8. Just checked the survey results page, and I'm astonished to find that it ahs shot up to £3m recovered. Surely, Co-op haven't paid out over £1m in charge reclaims !!! Is this a fault perhaps ? MODS: can someone check this out ?
  9. Ok, well I have designed these sort of Call Handling systems, and it's not that the system goes screwey, it is the error routine that it runs through. Essentially, if the system gets several invalid responses it will fail over to a specific set of call agents. All you need to do is to give the system a number of invalid responses, this is usally 3. And Yes, the Hash (#) is usually used as a confirmation button, so hit that a few times ;-)
  10. Hmm you guys have been lucky.... Aparently, they have opted to reduce my debt to them by deducting what they owe me, from what I owe them. Long and short of it is that as they have sold the debt on, then surely this can't be done. Looks like a trip to the County Court, joy !!!
  11. Ok, so today is the 28th day since filing the MCOL stuff. Cap1 have waited until yesterday to file their defence. They have also sent me a letter saying that they have deducted my charges from what I owe them. WHAT THE F**K ????!?!?! I didn't sign a letter agreeing to that ! What I need to know is can they do this ? I had the same problem with FirstDirect, but they eventually folded and sent me a cheque... Cap1 are playing silly buggers, cos their defence states that they are not willing to increase my debt, which would happen if they paid me by cheque. W
  12. Well I've held off posting here as I've been a busy boy !! Anyway, Cap1 are now on my hitlist... I have so far requested my statements, but only got a p*ssy letter detailing my charges on the account. Sent letter to have those charges refunded, got "b*gger off" letter. Sent LBA, got another "b*gger off" letter. Issue MCOL, got letter saying we'll give you the difference between £12 and £20. Sent them the "thanks, but I want it all" letter. Heard nothing for a while, got a "we're gonna defend" notice. Got "ok, we'll pay it all back, stop suing us" letter.
  13. Probably a DCA, what they tend to do is use a phone number for dialing out on, but not to accept calls. They can program their outbound calling equipment to process the calls automatically, which is why you hear a delay when you answer the phone.
  14. According to the many sources on here, in Law, you can assume a letter has been delivered 2 days from posting... Therefore if I sent it out Monday, I can assume that they received it Wednesday. I started off sending all of my letters using Recorded delivery, all it seemed to do was to cost me a huge amount in both time to get to the post office, and financially. In the end, Royal Mail still managed to lose about 5% of what I'd sent out. If you're looking for a secure, and reliable method of delivery, then Special Delivery is probably the only way. SD would give you com
  15. I presume that the account was their newly created Savings Account ? I can only assume that Crap1 are dabbling a little with their newly found skills of high street banking... Personally, I would recommend they leave it the hell alone, as they've done enough damage so far with their credit cards.... But hey, that's just my opinon. Adam
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