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  1. This is to whomever made the unfounded comments regarding the FOS. I can assure you categorically that the Financial Ombudsman Service is there to help people with regard to problems relating to financial institutions and their financial commitments with them. Your comments of, "for the best part, don't bother" is disgraceful. In the eighteen years my firm has been trading I have always used the FOS for back-up while in the process of getting a clients financial affairs sorted out. The reason they take time to answer and deal with consumers problems is purely because they are inundated
  2. Dear dpac123 I am very sorry that you are experiencing problems with MBNA. As I explained previously, I have just been locked in a battle with MBNA for the past seven months on behalf of a client and they tried everything to put the onus on my client. Having sent them a copy of my clients expenditure details FIVE TIMES which they denied, I then sent it by fax THREE TIMES which they again denied. They even had the audacity to state that the fax numbers I had did not exist within MBNA. So, I contacted BT who confirmed that the telephone numbers WERE indeed MBNA's then I photographed the
  3. Dear angel x A CCJ most definitely has to be obtained by the said company BEFORE they can place any charging order on your property. This kind of tact is usually employed to scare the pants off people so don't be swayed. I cannot recommend the Financial Ombudsmand Services enough. They are fantastic. Contact them now online and download their complaint form, print it off and send - that's it. A short while later you'll receive an acknowledment of receipt and then your complaint will be allocated to a caseworker who in turn, will then pass it to an adjudicator and that's when the fun star
  4. Report These People To The Office Of Fair Trading And Also Contact The Financial Ombudsman Service And Ask If The 'financial' Side Of Marlin Is Covered By Them. Senior Consultant
  5. Dreadful grammar on my part, there 'ARE' (not is) no spaces etc. Sorry about that been working very hard today and only just finished dealing with people like Marlin. Regards SENIOR CONSULTANT
  6. Dear FBR Sorry about that I was getting so excited I hit the wrong key. So, to continue 1. post a note asking everyone involved in a battle with MBNA if they are interested in taking MBNA to the cleaners via a court case. 2. you need at least 50-75 - or more would be much, much better. 3. each person needs to know EXACTLY how much they owe MBNA and I don't mean what MBNA tells them they owe. 4. once you have each figure from each person you then add it all up. This final figure will be the amount that you would be suing MBNA for. 5.
  7. Dear FBR Thank goodness someone is listening to me at last. I advised angmarie and everyone else 'out there' to take MBNA to court. What you need do is:- 1.
  8. Dear Angmarie Just one more thing my dear. Dependent on how much you owe MBNA will influence any repayment plan they have/are offering. With regard to your statements? Yes, it IS your responsibility to keep them. However, it depends on how you made your payments. If they were paid by direct debit then contact your bank and get copies of statements from them and then you won't need the statements from MBNA. If you want help in wording the letter of complaint to MBNA please let me know and I'll post it for you here. Finally, did you know that once you've filed a complaint with a gover
  9. Dear Angmarie Forget what you've heard or been told my dear. As I told you in my last message I have been locked in a six month battle with MBNA and I've just finally won the day with the help of the Financial Ombudsman Service. When you file a claim with the FOS for obvious reasons you send the complaint form by recorded delivery. Wait until you get a confirmation letter from them which will contain a reference number. Then, you send a copy of that letter with an accompanying letter to MBNA AGAIN BY RECORDED DELIVERY, informing them that you have filed a complaint with the FOS who are n
  10. Dear Angmarie Having just been locked in a battle with MBNA for the past six months regarding one of my clients I can honestly say there is one sure fire way of bringing MBNA to task and that is to file a formal complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service. As long as you have documented proof of intimidation, bullying and harassment from MBNA then you've won already. By them continuing to send demands for payments, threatening you with court action or debt collectors etc, not to mention the sneaky underhanded telephone calls, then you have them by their proverbials. You have to be prepa
  11. Sorry to disappoint you but Shane Flynn is no longer Head of MBNA. SENIOR CONSULTANT
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