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  1. I got as far with my RBS claim as getting statements and sending aprelim letter, and getting standard reply. Then, due to lots of personal hassles, put it on hold. this morning, as i was jgst thinking of getting starte again, i recieved a claim form (which will lead to ccj) for an old RBS debt. It is for 855, which was passed to a debt collection agency a while back, i have since started a debt management plan with consumer credit counselling service, but westcot the dca, have decided to go down the ccj route. My claim against RBS would be 1040 without court interest. CAn i use this to prevent
  2. I sent my prelim letter on 11/07/06, so it runs out tommorrow, but i have had no response. I sent it special delivery so i know they got it. Is this normal?
  3. I sent my prelim letter on 11th July, no reply as yet. How long have other people had to wait for a reply? The account is a closed one.
  4. I got a letter offering £517 as a full and final settlement (against a £2800 claim), and i replied saying i was happy to accept it as a partial and interim settlement, but that i would pursue the balance. My question is, will they pay the £517, or not now they know i won't leave it at that. Anyone else had this?
  5. Had this letter too, but oddly, arrived a few days after one offering £517 as full and final settlement (on a £2800 claim, i don't think so!) - Will be filing my claim 10 days.
  6. Hi, I am due to send my LBA on 11/07, but since sending the prelim letter, the statements for another hal acc have arrived, with charges for that acc totalling £553 - can i just add them to the total in the LBA for the first lot of charges, or do i need to send a prelim letter for the £553 and run the two claims seperately, or send a seperate prelim letter and LBA, but amalgamate the two for the court claim (but obviously that means i would proceed later than anticipated with the original amount - for £2147) Any ideas?
  7. How long do RBS usually take to send statements once they have cashed the cheque - it has been about a week, and they are 28 days into the 40 day period. Do they wait until the last minute? Halifax sent statements within a week. Have been concentrating on mmy Hal claim as it is bigger - and there are alot more "settled in full" people - maybe RBS just more difficult?
  8. well, i think to be on the safe side i will send a letter as well - don't want to muck it up, i could use the money! Will let you all know as and when i hear from them!
  9. Can i send my prelim letter via email, or should it be a letter (or both) - what do you think? Reclaiming £2174 !!
  10. yes there is, but best thing to do is read the FAQs then come back with any further questions. Good lu.ck
  11. at the risk of sounding stupid (or at least easily confused), and i have read the FAQs, honestly, i have a query. When i send my prelim letter , am i right in thinkin i can't add 8% interest to the charges i want back, and that i only add this if i have to take it as far a court? Help appreciated!!!
  12. I got the same letter, but i assumed it was a cover for the fact there isn't any maunal intervention! I got all my statements within two days of the letter though, so am about to start spread sheeting! Good luck to everyone!
  13. thanks, i am sure there will be questions !
  14. Hi, i am loving this site - so helpful. I have just sent my DPA to halifax (current bank) and RBS (ex bank), not sure how much my claim will be for but maybe 2000 in total, possibly more. The advice here has been amazing, from template letters to advice like opening a new account in case they get nasty (just done thatwith smile), so thanks to everyone. The money will come in really useful as i am tring to pay off debts at the mo, but i will be more than happy to make my donation. Will let you know what happens, good luck to everyone else!!
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