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  1. Standard Moorcoft letters... You'll get the Midas Legal one next, another part of Moorcroft.. it might go quiet, but then Moorcroft will start again. Next you'll get a GOOD NEWS letter from Home Collection Services where the good news is that you can clear the "debt" with an interest free option or a substantial discount... oh and Home Collection Services are another subsidary of guess who!!
  2. Apart from the fact that they wont, they are missing out the bit where they have to say that it goes to court, you loose, they get judgement, you don't pay up within 30 days of getting a judgement... I'm sure I don't need to tell you the chances of it going to small claims court. Remember if they do and they use a solicitor, it is at their expense... they can NOT claim this back if they win or lose. The chances are a solicitor (capable of winning) will cost far more than £170 anyway. When a case is heard in the small claims court, you don't get a day and a time, eg 10.30am on Friday, you get there and join the queue! You could be waiting 5 mins or 5 hours. As most solicitors charge by the hour I think you'll be safe on that one!
  3. Technically it's your space and therefore they have absolutely no right to clamp anything in it without the space owners permission. This is a very common issue with clampers in privately owned flats. The landowners/management companies should (but rarely do) set out the rules correctly. No car should be clamped in any residents space unless the owner has specifically complained to the clampers and asked them to act. If you do take it down the court route, remember a judge is a reasonable person. You can quite easily point out that it was your space, used with your permission and you need a reasonable amount of time to get a permit. I would be very surprised the clampers let it get that far. Is is unreasonable and quite clear that they are extorting money from you for charging for a ticket and a clamp. Sadly I've not heard of any credit card company doing a chargeback when it comes to clamping. I'm in the process of suing clampers right now and the credit card company have said that until I prove I was illegally clamped by a judge they can not refund. If I win my case, I will let my CC know, and they will refund the money plus my costs (as they are liable for everything up to £75k due ot the consumer credit act!).
  4. I like that ... sending a "debt collector" in to see if you're worth sueing. Fact is, if I came to your door asking for cash or a payment arrangement would you give it to me? Didn't think so!! If they come to your door and ask if you are Mr. Smith just say never heard of him goodbye. They have no legal right to ask you questions, enter your home or ask you for money. The only people who can come knocking like that are court bailiffs, and they will only coming knocking once you've been to court, lost your case, had a judgement issued and then the clampers have paid for the court to enforce the judgement!
  5. Hi, I've read through all the posts on here and googled quite a lot but I'm just wanting a little more guidance before I persue! I recently had my car clamped & towed etc. for parking in a private road without any lines or reasonable signs. I'm sure I've got a good strong case and the land owner replied to my letter and even admitted that the signs may have not been clear due to the weather (ie facing completely the wrong way on a lamp post).. Some sources say that I should sue the clampers and the land owner, some say the clampers and the credit card company (thanks tesco!). Tesco wont do a chargeback because they say its not their position to decide if it was legal or not (which is fair enough), but have said that they have no objection to being added to the claim! So... do I go for all three, the clampers who have ignored my appeal letter, the landowner who admits the signs were inadequte and tesco because they're the ones who will most likely pay up without a fuss if I win?!!!
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