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  1. For anyone else reading this, there is a Panorama report on this crazy tax issue (I cant post links, I havent posted enough to this site, so check out the BBC news website and look for 'Are_You_Paying_Too_Much_Tax'). There will be millions more with similar cases to mine. Total incompetence!!
  2. I received a response from HMRC early Nov. Turns out they made a mistake on my calculation for 2007/08 year (in fact they owed me £240), but they continued that the tax owing from 2008/09 & 2009/10 was still due (£1700). They stated that I did not meet the criteria set out under ESC A19 and therefore wouldn't write of the tax, but failed to give a reason why I didn't meet the criteria!! I'm not giving up, I think I do meet the criteria, this was their mistake and they had all the info available to get my tax right, I didn't even know they owed me money from 2007/08. So, I have calle
  3. Yes, I think it is my only option. I am so angry with them for messing up for such a long period of time and I guess I am annoyed with myself for not noticing. Because they had the P11d's which are all correct and because in each year the tax office sent codings which seemed to account for all the benefits I was receiving, I had no reason to question the tax I was paying (I was still being taxed for benefits, just not the correct amount).
  4. I have done a quick search and I am posting this, others may find it useful: If you have underpaid income tax or capital gains tax for the year 2008/09, and you are satisfied that HMRC have all that time had the information they needed to calculate your tax correctly but have simply not used it until now, you should ask them to consider writing off the underpaid tax – i.e. remitting it and not collecting it from you – under the terms of ‘extra-statutory concession A19’. A19. Giving up tax where there are Revenue delays in using information Arrears of income tax or capital
  5. HB, dont get caught up on the fuel tax, my problem is that they are seeking to claim back unpaid tax to 2007/08 when it was their mistake. They had all the info they needed from my P11ds to get the correct coding, I wasnt aware it was wrong. I hope to find out if I can dispute their claim because it was their error and they had all the necessary info and it goes back 3 tax years On the fuel tax: I have my own car, my company pays all my fuel (business & personal). The tax rules now require you to pay tax on all the fuel benefit (regardless if its business or personal) and I can claim
  6. Did you see my question about whose car it is/was? because you still may be able to reclaim mileage allowance. HB I did see it (I didnt want to swamp you with big long emails). Its my car with fuel card provided by employer. I keep a log of all business miles and claim back from the tax office. I have claimed back to 2008 and the tax office checked back, gave me the money back but turns out I owe them more than they owe me! I thought with the huge mistakes that have been making with tax codes (as reported in the press very recently), that I had grounds to dispute this, due to i
  7. Yes thats correct abut the tax free amount (although im using made up figures, it gives you the idea of the mistake made). Looking back to 2007 - 2009 data, I can now understand where the error has come from, my issue, is the length of time taken for them to realise this mistake. They were given the correct information, but are now seeking to claim back the money to 2007/08. I am hoping that because they had all the info they needed and due to the passage of time taken to act upon this, that there may be grounds for me to dispute this - but I dont know what specific action/rules I can use to d
  8. Thanks for your reply and I think you are right that I will be liable to pay it back because, the tax office are never wrong! Please dont worry about the 40pence per mile, thats not in dispute, I can claim for this, I just didnt know this at the time.
  9. Let me add to this with an example. in 2007-2008 tax year. My P11d shows I received benefits of: £3500 for fuel £1090 for medical insurance My Tax coding (which is based on the info stated in my P11d), looked like this My personal allowance £6400 Employer benefits Fuel £1000 (thats the mistake on my coding) Medical Insurance £400 (thats also the mistake on my coding) Tax free amount £5000 (Tax free amount should have been lower) But, this is their mistake, not my or my employers mistake. My mistake was not realising the error they made. Now I have this large b
  10. Hi, the statements I received for each year were my PAYE coding notice and it shows my liabilities for tax. The amounts shown on my tax coding notice, under employer benefits (Fuel & Medical insurance), were lower than the amounts I was actually receiving from my employer, but the correct amounts were notified to the tax office from my P11d for each year (I still have the P11ds). So they seem to have been making mistakes for 2 or 3 tax years even though they received the right information from my employer. I didnt notice the difference (to be honest, I never really understood th
  11. Apologies if I am in the wrong forum. If my question should be posted elsewhere, could you advise? I recently applied for tax refund going back to 2008 for fuel expenses (I have my own car and use it for business travel - I wasn't aware I could claim until this year). I just received a reply detailing underpayments going back to each tax year from 2007 through 2009. It seems the tax office didn't give me the correct coding for each of those years. They were not charging enough for benefits (Medical Insurance, & Fuel). It s a large sum of money, around £5,000 GBP in total. Howeve
  12. Just to give y'all confidence, since my post; Jan 11th 2009, following two letter of threats, nothing has been taken further - Please heed the advise, do not pay these horrible people! Thanks to all on Consumer Forums!
  13. I want to let people know that since August 2009 I have not seen any further correspondence from CEL, so, the advice to ignore them is sound, I received about 3 or 4 letters from them before they scurried away. Thanks for your help, I have made a donation to Consumer Forums as my way to say thank you.
  14. Hello to you all. I have a PCN from Vehicle Control Services. in which it states we have contravened CODE 94 (Parking without displaying a valid ticket/permit). The date was a Sunday, which in Leeds, usually means no parking charges. VCS say they affixed a parking charge notice to the vehicle (there was no notice attached when we returned to the vehicle & they havent sent a copy, so this is the first we have heard of it). They want £120 in 7 days (backed up with usual threats). What do you say, ignore? Just not sure about the lack of parking ticket/permit, whether this should be consi
  15. Hi, I have read through the thread and wonder if anyone can advise the best course of action with CEL. My wife received a parking notice from CEL for staying 15 mins over the 90 allowed. As she was a genuine customer in one of the stores on this retail park, would it be better to write to them giving evidence of her purchase on this date of the alleged parking contravention, or, would it be better to use the response template offered earlier in the forum (refusing to acknowledge that she was the driver of the vehicle). If we send evidence of a purchase from the store, we may, by
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