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  1. Thanks Tom I have not had him visit before and it just says in one of those fill in the blank forms that he will return Thursday. No time or date really. I was sensible enough to BCC the email to the council that i sent last night, and have had a response from their officer who have told me to ring the baliff. So i have responded saying that he isnt registered with the company so I am a little hestitant to do so. If i had money laying around at the moment I would give to the council directly, however I dont even have a pound in my bank account. I just dont think that les
  2. I had a letter through my door yesterday to say the Baliff had been for a council tax debt, and was returning tommorrow with a removal unit. Now I sent an email saying that I have no had the time to deal with this issue and would appreciate a little time to ascertain details. They have emailed me back and said I need to talk to the Baliff in question. When i did a search on him he isnt registered to that company. So i rang their office and said I wasnt willing to talk to him as he wasnt showing up as with them. Apparently he moved job on Monday. (Hoping this makes sense) So I
  3. Ok so I have had a letter from a baliff dated yesterday so i just rang him to ask if we could set up up an agreement....silly me! Luckily he refused so i contacted the council who have agreed to take it back, and hold back the baliff. Do I need to contact the baliff again to confirm that i have made arrangements with the council and not to bother coming around?
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