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  1. I have a charging order on my property from Blackhorse for approx £10K debt and have been paying £20 per month off this for the last 5 years. However, Ii recently received a letter from Blackhorse solicitors saying the debt has been sold on to Lowell. I have contacted Lowell who say the charging order has not been transferred to them. I am willing to continue paying the debt as per the current agreement (£20 per month), however I would like the charging order to be removed. I would like to sell my house next year and would just about break even if I did not have this charging order. However
  2. Hi Daniella, thanks so much for your kind words. It makes me really sad to think about the physical and mental state that debt can send us to. I hate these agressive companies, they have no idea of the misery and pressure they cause with their un-relentless bullying. The advice i would give to anybody feeling suicidal is to remeber that this debt is a temporary chapter in life. Even if it takes 2-3 years to become more managable, there is always a solution. Even bankruptcy is better than ending your life. I am repaying debts now, it is difficult but somehow i am managing better than before
  3. Please don't do anything drastic. My partner comitted suicide due to debt and imminent repossession. You cannot possibly imagine the devastation this has caused to me and the children. It has taken me a long, long time to piece our lives back together and i almost gave up too at one point. However, i got some medical help for depression, took counselling and have dealt with the debts as best as i can. I have managed to halt the repossession and am now paying the debts by myself. It will take me a long time to pay back everything. There one thing i have learnt is that you cannot "beat you
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