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  1. Yeah, I have already filed the N244. I forwarded on a lot more supporting documents this time. Copies of the letters I sent to the council in respect of the challenge I had already submitted against the original ticket, the dated correspondence I received from them, and phone records to show that I had been in touch many many times with them to try and sort it out. The bailiff has requested that I pay him the outstanding amount by the time I'm paid (27th) He also said he could only take it on that date if I paid cash, but I'm definitely not convinced that that would be the best way
  2. OK thanks again! Some more quick advice. I have requested a copy of the statement of truth rejecting my out of time application. I believe it was filed after the 19 day deadline, and want to double check that it was not completed by the bailiffs for example. Do they have to provide it? Also is there a time limit in which they must provide it? they seem to be dragging their heels over it anyway...
  3. OK, should I have been sent a copy of the warrant?
  4. How long do warrants of execution last for? I have never been forwarded a warrant to even confirm the one in place for the bailiff to act? I received my first bailiff letter saying that they had been granted one in March, but no actual copy of the warrant? I assume this is an oversight on their part also?
  5. I just spoke to the court and I am still able to file an N244. The bailiff said he would knock it down to £555.48, but I simply don't have that sort of money sitting aside, especially for something I totally disagree with. Is it worthwhile? What are the chances of winning just the right to have my appeal heard? Do the charges get reset if I do get the right to put forward any evidence, because even paying £75 for the court costs and then paying the full charge is going to be better than where I'm at right now. I also noticed that there was a provision that a vehicle cannot be remo
  6. So basically what the bailiff said is not true again? If the N244 is processed, the warrant will definitely be put on hold until the case is heard? He told me specifically that they would continue to pursue me even if I did go down that route? Also I wanted to question the charges I have had so far. Once the court warrant was originally issued, the total sum of charges was for £110 (including an initial letter from the bailiff). Since then, they have sent 3 letters and apparently made 2 visits, and the cost is now £695. I had a quick look at the fees they're allowed to charge
  7. I just spoke to the bailiff. He said that they would not stop enforcement action, at N244 stage, as that would just be an aside. He also said that they would not accept a payment arrangement (is this correct? Are they allowed to refuse the right to pay without it being the full amount?) He did mention that they would maybe be able to remove some of the charges. Is it worth paying if it is reduced enough? Or is it like admitting liability, when all along I strongly feel the council has been at fault in a number of ways? I just went and took photos of the road where I was parked,
  8. The stat declaration was refused I thought that by getting to the point of the stat dec being considered, that the crazy charges by the bailiff may have been reset, but obviously not. I don't understand how the bailiff was able to add charges in the first place, when i returned all of the correct documents. They are basically saying that they do not have a record of me returning the form, so for someone else's incompetence, this is how it's gone so far! I was told in the prior letter that I had a right to appeal the decision, but given the letter arrived outside of the 7 day
  9. Hey all, Jusy a quick update. I appealed the decision via the court. They rejected the appeal, but outside of the 19 day timeframe I was told it should be done in. In addition to this, they sent me a letter postmarked for 6 days after the decision was made, telling me I had 7 days to appeal the decision. It arrived 9 days after the decision, meaning I had absolutely no chance to appeal the decision using official channels within the timeframe. I wrote to the court customer services to make an official complaint, and having had to keep pressing them for some action, the dre
  10. Also, the bailiff said he could come and clamp my car tomorrow morning. Is this right? He told me this today, so with less than a days notice, he could come and take my car?
  11. Thanks Jamberson (and others!). I thought I was done for there earlier, but at least I'm finally starting to get somewhere. Quite sad it got to this stage in the first place when it could have easily been resolved earlier, but in speaking to the bailiff earlier he actually said "I am the only one who can deal with this matter and your ONLY options are to either pay the full charge up front or have your car clamped and towed away." Not only is this completely immoral and incorrect information from an official, it is wrong on so many levels. If I hadn't managed to find this site and read
  12. Yeah, it was the out of time form and a witness statement (which I thought amounted to an appeal anyway?). I have submitted these already (today when I spoke to the court and got the correct forms), but I contacted them again and they had not been processed yet as of now, so the bailiffs probably won't be called off yet... Will have to try and hide my car until I have confirmation...
  13. Thanks guys! I got back in touch with the court and they were a lot more helpful this time. ...Got through to the right guy this time I guess! They're actually putting forward my appeal after I gave them all the info again, and putting any action on hold for a few days until the council get back to me and let me know if they accept it. I'll have to make sure the bailiff doesn't turn up unannounced still (which I hear some can be liable to do even during an appeal) and park my car a few streets away until I get somewhere with this. At least it buys me some time. Not sure if it
  14. A few months ago now, I parked 2 streets from my home (as I was stopping in at a hairdressers to pick something up for my girlfriend on the way to the supermarket). I spent no more than 5-10mins in there, yet lo and behold when I returned I had received a parking charge. I parked in a clearly marked bay, and there were no parking meters, so of course I assumed it to be fine to park there. However upon further inspection, the space I parked in was a designated Residents bay, and the only thing to indicate this was a sign a distance up the road (and the space was actually not on any actual
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