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  1. I will try a CPR request, I did hear originally off 3 and argued with them that the contract was cancelled but they sent it to a DCA, I explained to the DCA and thought that was the end of it 3 years ago, until I received the CC claim form.
  2. I don't know and don't have any paperwork as this was 5 years ago, and thought the contract hadn't even been started.
  3. Defence I dispute a debt exists. 1) I bought an internet dongle from Kettering store in June 2010, on the advice of the sales person that where i lived i would have good internet signal access. 2) following a test of the dongle on the day of purchase I found no internet access, so returned the next day to the store who agreed to cancel. Under the Sale of goods act the dongle contract sold was not fit for purpose 3)in consequ
  4. Just a further Update I have received a Notice of proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track. I have answered the questions A1 Do you agree to this case being referred to the Small Claims mediation Service? No (no point I think as I dispute I owe anything) Do you agree that the small claims track is apprpriate for this case? Yes Hearing Venue. Northampton (as it is local to me) Expert evidence? No Witnesses? 1 (Myself) Hearing dates? Any Signed by Me I assume that would be correct responses, not sent yet just incase someone sugest anything different.
  5. I have put the reasons above as to why I think I don't owe any debt and submitted that online.
  6. Just an update on this, I have received this letter from Bryan Carter, I don't want to contact them by phone due to anything can be said without any evidence, and I still dispute the debt. should I just wait for the court to contact me? or do I request more information off them as I need to build a defence and also see what evidence they are going off, otherwise at initial court hearing I would ask for time to build a defence to their claim. Any help gratefully appreciated Thank You.
  7. I have stated my plea that I wish to dispute the full amount claimed, now I need to submit a defence, how would I word my defence, I am wanting to say I returned all items received when signing the contract as threy were unusable due to no signal which the local store said there would be. I have checked and have no records or information on this contract as it was 5 years ago and have moved several times since then.
  8. Ok so I register online and state my plea, how do I go about submitting a defence as I don't know anything about the charges or if any have been added by other debt collection companies, I have also just checked my Credit Report and there appears to be 2 defaults around the same period one for the amount claimed and one for a smaller amount both from Three, I know I only had one contract so one I think is incorrect.
  9. Hi, I took out a contrct with three for a Mobile Internet dongle, but when I got home I couldn't get any signal at all, took it back to the shop the next day and told them to cancel as it was only purchased the day before, however a month later I got letters demanding payment, I contacted them numerous times to sort it but eventually gave up, 2 years later they passed it onto a debt collection company. I have moved address several times since then a nd heard nothing and then got this claim form last week at my address now.
  10. Hi There, On Friday last week I received a County Court Claim Form, details below and today received a letter off Bryan Carter Solicitors saying they have issued litigation proceedings in the County Court. Name of the Claimant ?Lowell Portfolio I LTD Date of issue –. 15.07.15 What is the claim for – The Claim is for 262.97 the amount due under an agreement between the original creditor and the defendant to provide finance and / or services and / or goods. This debt was assigned to /purchased by Lowell Portfolio Ltd on -15/05/2012 and notice served to the l
  11. I sent a letter back to them with a cheque for £20 as Full and final settlement, this would have covered everything owed to ROKO but no payments to CRS. I stated in the letter that by cashing the cheque they were accepting the offer of Final Payment, the cheque was cashed 2 weeks later, and have not heard from them since.
  12. Received another letter today from CRS saying unless we contact them by 7th Sept to settle or make payment they will start court action. They also included a Draft of County Court Summons(Not stamped by court) a copy of which I have attached to this post. The court summons did Break down the costs and charges, which are as follows Membership amount £588.00 Admin Fees £40.00 Debt Rec Charges £144.20 Tracing Fee £30.00 Instalments Rec -£553.50 total owed £248.70 They returned the £10 PO from a SAR and failed to comply with it previous to
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