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  1. Ok, Thanks for the advice. I will re-send the 'Account in dispute' letter, this time should I address it to the solicitor or to TBI or Both? Thanks Again.
  2. Sorry for the delay in getting these links up, problem with scanner. http://i579.photobucket.com/albums/ss235/captinbash/TBI%20Forms%20etc/TBI0001.jpg I hope these help, I have included the letter received today.
  3. More a case of 'can and will'. I will try and scan in the t&c's again see if they are more readable this time.
  4. I have heard from the in-house solicitors again stating that 'I have been provided with a true copy of my agreement as per section 77/78 of the consumer credit action 1974 and that as there has been no further contact from myself that it would appear that I do not believe that I have to repay the outstanding sums'. And 'they are not prepared to accept this situation and it would appear that legal proceedings will have to be instigated which will incur further costs and a claim for contractual interest both prior and subsequent to any judgement obtained' They have given me seven days before '
  5. I have now received a reply to the Account in Dispute letter from T.B.I's in house solicitors saying the details have been passed to them. They say because I did not make reference to the Consumer Credit Act or send the statutory £1 in my original letter, I was only sent a copy of the credit agreement (as posted previously) but they failed to enclose the T+C's. They have now sent a full copy of the credit agreement including the T+C's. (this is the same agreement as posted before).They cannot accept the account is in dispute or any of the other points made in the letter. Any advice on how
  6. Sincere thanks for all help received so far, I was feeling very worried and lost for ideas on where to turn.
  7. Thanks to you PGH and ida, Thank you both very much, I'll send that one then. Just to be sure do I need to wait for 12 days to pass from the date of my original letter? Regards
  8. When they replied they sent a statement showing payments and the 'Copy of the Signed Credit Agreement' that I posted earlier. Should I send a CCA letter then? Thanks
  9. Thanks again, Here is the letter I sent to them originally: Dear Sir. With regard to your agreement number: I too am disappointed that you have not responded to my previous letters asking for a copy of the above agreement, (which I have no recollection of ever signing) and statements showing my payments from the outset of this agreement. Not once in all the many years that I have been paying (without default) have I received a statement showing payments or balances, in fact I have had no communication from you whatsoever. I trust that you will remedy this situation forthwi
  10. Ok, being a bit thick here, where do I find the ' account in dispute letter' please?
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