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  1. Hi All,


    I have the standard egg agreement (1999) with "Approved Limit", Apr and cash withdrawl interest issues making it unenforceable (I hope).


    I am still paying my minimum payment so not in default.


    My question: Has anyone written to Egg pointing this out and offering them a nominal amount say 10% of balance as full and final settlement?


    I was going to say I have had the agreement reviewed it is unenforceable and hence I am making this offer instead of paying the same amount to a solicitor and dragging them through the courts to get a decleration of unenforceability.


    If I default they will sell the debt on for about the same amount with no success. So surely this would be a more attractive offer i.e they get 10% or Zero if I take it to court.


    I would be interested in seeing the letter if anyone has gone down this route, and knowing what the likely outcome or what Egg may do in retaliation for sending said letter.


    Keep up the good work all.

  2. I am plodding along dancing to the Egg tune myself (requested CCA, not signed, requested again, not signed etc)


    My question is, has anyone managed to dispute their Egg card based on unenforceable agrrement and NOT had a default put against them? As we all know this is in breach of the law but Egg seem to think they are above the law for some reason!


    I am keen to dispute my account but can do without a default as my mortgage renews in 3 months time and I want to be able to shop for the best rate.


    Many thanks, keep up the good work all and together we can ensure humpty dumpty has a big fall!

  3. I do not have any late payment charges and to the best of my knowledge I never took out or have ever seen any PPI charges on any statements.


    Knowing how the banksters create the debt in the first place and knowing they may have slipped up with these agreements. It would be nice to give them a dose of their own medicine.


    I shall investigate the unfair interest rate threads.


    Thanks again.

  4. Many thanks for your advice it's really appreciated.


    Are you saying you can take out an injunction to stop them from putting a default on your file? Or fighting to get it removed once it is placed on my credit file?


    I was niavely thinking I could prove the CCA was unenforceable or non existent (if they dont have one) and get things sorted whilst paying the minimum payment and avoided a default.

    I'm now realising that Egg are unlikely to play fair and abide by the law and default me whilst in dispute.


    Is one default a really bad thing to pick up your credit file I guess so from other posts? I've always had an a1 credit rating hence the reluctance to allow Egg to illegally trash it!


    I am now reluctant to pay this off because of their blatent disregard for the law and feel like they need teaching they are not above it :)


    I shall see what this letter says and then respond accodingly. I think I will be ignored unless I take the step of cancelling my DD.

  5. Hi all, this is my first post and I'm after some advice having spent hours and hours reading up on this subject on here.


    I have an Egg card taken out years and years ago and think it was done online around 2000.


    I am not in default and paying the minimum payment each month. I sent a template letter for my CCA along with the £1. Egg banked the money and sent me their standard T's+C's along with 2 pages of new conditions which come into effect 28th May 09 and a copy of a standard credit agreement. (NOT mine no name, sig etc)


    I ammened my original CCA and resent by Recorded delivery asking for my true copy and giving them a further 12 days (how nice of me)and today have received a standard letter saying they are investigating my complaint and they will respond within 8 weeks.


    I called them today and they said they are sending another letter requesting my signature as proof. I shall await this letter but I'm not signing it, as I digitally signed my original 2 letters and they accepted the 1st and sent out a standard credit agreement as previously mentioned.


    I have the following questions if anyone can help please:


    If I use my card after the 28th May would I be agreeing to these new conditions and as such would I be agreeing to a enforceable agreement?


    I suspect my agreement is like a lot of posters on here, in that it will most likely either not have a sig or the credit limit wording will be incorrect hence them delaying.


    Is there a way OR has anyone managed to contest the enforceability of a egg credit card agreement without them defaulting your account?


    I would love to stop my DD and send the dispute letter but I don't want my credit rating trashed as my mortgage is up for renewel in 3 months time!


    So in a nutshell what should I do when I receive the letter for my sig?


    I take that Egg will delay,ignore etc until I stop paying then they will default my credit rating despite legally they are not supposed to.


    Any idea's?


    Many thanks



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