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  1. But surely as they had already done the credit check prior to sending the phone and giving me the contract they are at fault as they were obviously aware of the DMP when I applied for the new contract?
  2. thanks Buzby ok but as I didn't get to day 15 before they cut me off the agreement has not been validated fully by them surely, and had I received a copy of my contract then stating a DMP was not acceptable for the continuation of the contract I would have cancelled it. Even so I got disconnected as did my husband with no notice in advance. when I spoke to trading standards just after the event they told me the DMP was not a good reason for 3 to cancel the contract with or without notice and that 3 have breached their contract not me.... (the reason Trading standards were involved w
  3. how exactly do I do that? and surely as they cancelled less than 14 days after I took out this new contract they have not allowed for the cooling of period and thus negate the 18 months worth of contract fees they seem to be claiming?
  4. the problem is that the 2nd contract was taken out over the phone, days before they cut me off, they had cut off my husband already but left my original contract running until they did cut me off, so obviously no contract to read through the T & C and this was not explained on the phone. They were obviously aware of the DMP prior to me taking out the 2nd contract as they did a credit check on me to get that phone and I had to pay a deposit, and they never asked about a DMP.. I had held the first contract for 18 months prior to going on the DMP and they allowed me an upgrade on it t
  5. Hi, I took out a contract with 3 mobile over 3 years ago, my husband had one with them too, we had financial issues and about 18 months ago went with a DMP, the mobile bills were being paid as normal (monthly by DD), my husbands phone got cut off so I took out a 2nd contract so he would have a phone for work, anyway about a week after taking out this 2nd contract and paying a £100 deposit they cut both my phones off due to the DMP..now over a year later they are demanding through a DCA the charges for teh line rental (no problem with that although £28 for a week is excessive) and the disc
  6. phew I thought I was losing the plot for a minute there....
  7. ok its just odd that i got a PM saying my post had been un-approved and it confused me because i didn't think i had posted on here
  8. erm what did i post that was so bad and when??? anyone that can PM me with info would be great as i don't recall even joining this particular chat....
  9. Hi rikk would I be correct in thinking you got the car via an hp agreement and for whatever reason re-financed? I might be wrong here but that means your new finance agreement its a fixed sum loan or rather unsecured, so when you refinanced you basically paid off the outstanding balance on the car and took out a loan to pay less monthly. in my thinking, that means your car is yours and they can't touch it because you have paid off the car by taking out a new loan...but someone will no doubt correct me if i am wrong
  10. Good luck tomorrow andie I will be watching this thread to see how you get on.
  11. they seem to do that a lot T2, I have had 4 letters re the SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST 2 copies of the agreement and obviously statements from inception to date, but nothing else yet...we SAR'd and CCA'd them at the same time, maybe its a fob off!
  12. incidently my original SAR request was up on 4th August if it includes weekends too.. as it arrived on 26th june
  13. updates got another print out of my OH's agreement in the post today with a statement. also got a statement about the car loan and now i am an unhappy bunny! the amount outstanding that they sent to lewis was £50 MORE than was actually outstanding at the time of date of issue than the amount showing 6 days previous to the date of issue, had i not picked up on that I would be paying an extra £50, anyway spoke to lewis collections and said why am i getting statements form welcome when you have bought the debt he said we didn't buy it we "are an extension of welcome". he advised i speak to w
  14. Hi Simon, sorry for the delay, you can send them both in the same envelope as long as you put the postal orders for both in there, I wrote on the back of each postal order what it was for i.e SAR request Mr Joe Bloggs and CCA request Mr Joe Bloggs so they knew what they were for should the postal order fall out randomly in the post room. Saves postage thats how I justify using special delivery now . Regards C
  15. Hi Simon, you can only put the account into dispute once the CCA has been sent and you have not received the true original copy after the 12+2 days have gone by.(14 days from postage some say, I did 14 days from delivery using special delivery) the SAR can not be put into dispute. the DMP that me and my OH use said that a scanned or printed copy is NOT a true copy, it must be one of the sheets that were attached to the agreement at the time the loan was taken out. however I have yet to be told if this is correct or not on here. C.
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