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  1. I'm going to start reading the other threads after I've posted this as I'm sure there's some great advice on here. Well aint I the silly one.. Not only am I silly enough to get a LBL. Terms were 4k started Dec 07 for 2 years. They've already been paid over 7k. I fell behind and woke up to find one of their glowing yellow clamps on my beloved car. I was that fed up with it I mistakenly told them to take it thinking it would be the last I ever heard of them. HA - Foolish I know. I am interested as to why the respectible Anglia "Bailiffs" put a credit check on me!?! Well I got an int
  2. Ok here goes! Took out a loan for £4000 with these people (for want of a better word ) back in October 2007, got a bit sticky with the payments around christmas and ended up getting a letter of of Anglia bailiffs.... so I'd already paid 14 months of a 2 year loan so this was over 5000. Following charges and arrears, parents lent me £2700 to stop my car being repossessed so total now £7700 at least. I was 2 days late with the next payment and woke up (the day the car was loaded with camping gear for me and the kids) to find one of their luminous yellow clamps. I was getting really depres
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