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  1. I now have recieved a letter stating that the credit agreement cannot be found (surprise!surprise!) and that they will no longer be contacting me at this time. They have also sent me a letter confirming that they have accepted my payment plan of an offer I originally put in!!!! Left and righ hand springs to mind! I guess i can just ignore the original payment offer i put in...it wont come back at bite me I hope.....
  2. Ok. Ive had two really strange letters. One seemed very pointless and was headed "Statement Of Account" under a Lowells letterhead - just telling me the balance again???!! The next one came the following day and said they were awaiting on details of the credit agreement and would not contact me again till they have sent it but then would expect payment IN FULL!!! But it is well over 14 days...sent the first letter on the 6th June.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Yes I did sent it recorded delivery and know that it has been recieved. I hear what youre saying about these bloody lowlife agencies..but surely I would have no choice now would i? What happened is that the card was NEVER USED (Confirmed by statements sent) but a percentage from another card was taken i.e balance transfer back in 03 when I was desperate and without much knowledge!! They didnt take the WHOLE balance from the original card because of the credit limit. So i ended up with two bloody cards when I wanted it alltransferred to "Crapital" (like that!). But i
  4. Hi Again. Sorry I am a bit confused by that reply Blondmusic. Do you mean that even though they sent my statements through and that I have acknowledged the debt is mine (and made a payment plan offer), I should still chase up the original agreement? It just unsettles me that they have not sent anything in writing to accept (or not) my payment offer and a confirmation letter with dates when payments should be recieved have not been sent. I was due to make my first payment on July 7th. Thanks again
  5. Hi All Well, I sent the letter and I think it kicked their ass into gear..to an extent! They sent my statements through and they arrived on the 9th June whilst I was away. It was correct, a balance transfer..so I take responsibility for that..thats fine just aslong as i was sure. I posted back a letter which they should have received by June 16th at the latest making a monthly offer from July. However, I have not recieved any reply or phonecall!!!! I know it hasnt been that long but I want the agreement in writing and I am wondering what your advice would be please now? Is there a la
  6. So they should have recieved the letter today all being well. Ironically when I got home on Friday they had sent me ANOTHER letter saying they hadnt heard from me!!! They added they would take "further action" to clear the debt. Clownells eh! I guess I just sit and wait
  7. Hi Folks. Thanks so much for your advice. Really appreciate it. They have tried to ring me again but I ignored it. I will get this letter sorted out today. Many thanks again Jon
  8. Sorry, meant to write will not answer the phone at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi both. Thanks for your reply. I definetely will not answer the phone yet. I am still waiting on statements and I am not prepared, obvioulsy, to make any payments unless it is proved the outsanding balance is a transfer from another card. I certanily never used a Capital One card to purchase ANYTHING. Should i just "sit pretty" till I hear further? I am new to the site, so forgive me, dont know about the letter you refer to? I guess there is info about it on the site...and Ill look later. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all I am a newbie to the site and came across it by googling "Lowell Group". My, my arent this company just lovely.....found several posts relating to the company and their tactics!! They are very "popular" with Watchdog I see! My story is quite similar to others......in January this year I recieved a letter from Lowells stating an outstanding debt I allegedly have for £300 from Capital One. I first of all strongly denied this was to do with me....and that I had NEVER had a card from Capital One. It slowly dawned on me however that in 2004 in desperation i MAY have had a
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