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  1. Hi again! I sent their questionnaire back recorded on the 7th April and it was received and signed for on the 8th April (according to the post office website!) I still have had no response from them what so ever...is this normal or should I be sending them another letter now...I am really reluctant to call them as they always have a way of collering you into a conversation and I dont want to say anything I shouldnt!! Any advise as always very mch welcome and appreciated!!
  2. Thanks ozzy for this, I will be sending it to them tomoro morning recorded! Shall let you know the outcome!
  3. Love it...I think I will try that! Thanks for your help...i will go and have a nose at the Welcome forum!
  4. Hi there, After sending my first letter off to reclaim PPI from WF, I have received the standard 'we take these complaints v seriously...' letter. Also enclosed with this was a questionnaire they want me to fill in and send back with questions such as...Were you in secure employment at the time of taking the policy? ......Did you have any pre existing medical conditions at the time of taking out the policy? etc etc There are about 11 questions all along these lines. This has puzzled me a bit and I smell a rat!! Why would they need the answers to questions that they should alread
  5. Hi All, Ive recently received all my bank statements from Natwest after sending a Subject Access Request and Im waiting for the statement of additional charges added on by Triton (natwests collection dept.)....Im assuming once I have all the relevant statements that i need to tally up all the charges that have been added on but what do I do after that? Not sure who I need to write to and what I need to say to them! The fact is that Im not disputing that I owe Natwest something (ie my original OD) but dont know what the next step is! I think I have to be careful as the debt has already
  6. Thankyou! Just another thought, seeing as Moorcroft are threatening to sent the boys round if I dont contact them with something by tomorrow, should I call them or send a letter stating my intentions?!
  7. Hmm, dont think triton would be so forthcoming...might just send them the letter!
  8. FYI, Ive just called NW to try and get an address to send the Subject access request to and they have just agreed to send out all the required statements in the post FOC!! Cant help but be a bit suspicious but so far seems like a good start! Keep you posted!
  9. Wow, great advice thanks! Do you think I would also be able to claim the subsequent charges that Triton added to the account after Natwest passed it through to them? EG, i think NW passed the account to Triton at about £850 and since then theyve added an additional £27 p/m since July08... I had being paying them 15p/m so was obviously doing nothing to the balance!! Thanks again!
  10. Hello, I feel a bit rude having only just registered jumping straight in there with a cry for help but I would be so greatful if anyone could advise me on this one or has had a similar experience?!? (and I promise to post in the future!) I still have a joint Natwest account with my ex partner that has been passed onto a debt recovery company called Moorcroft. I also had a personal account with Natwest that has also been passed through to Moorcroft. Previous to these being passed to Moorcroft, we had both been paying seperate amounts off of each account through a company called Triton
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