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  1. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. I have already spoken to several solicitors but they don't really give me much information apart from I maybe need to speak to CAB or debt advisors. It just doesn't help the fact that my ex might just disappear and leave me to deal with this mess. I just feel like I've been backed into a corner.
  2. Can anybody please help me with the situation I'm in. I split up with my ex last year and moved out of the property, he wouldn't sell the house and wanted to stay in it so a transfer of equity was sent out. I hadn't had any correspondance from the mortgage company GMAC so I called them to find out where my information was to say my name had been removed - it hadn't.... My ex hadn't signed the forms an further more hadn't paid the mortgage. It was then too late to remove my name as the account was in arrears. A year later and I'm settled in a new relationship, my ex has paid the mort
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