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  1. The amount on the loan statement is correct for that. It doesn’t include the overdraft amount.
  2. The judgement is for the combined amount of the loan and joint account. We get statements showing a balance remaining for the loan account every 6 months.
  3. Hi I used to receive statements with a balance for our NatWest loan and current accounts which I have a CCJ for every 6 months from NatWest. For sometime now the statements have only included the loan account and I have received nothing for the current account so assumed this was paid off. Apparently according to shoosmiths it’s not. Do natwest have an obligation to send statements for this current account every so often? Thanks stressed
  4. The date they applied the £75 compliance fee was the 10th January, the same day they sent a text saying ‘Your account will shortly be issued to an Enforcement Agent to visit you at your home. Contact JBW on .....’ Would a text message count as a notice of enforcement?
  5. Thank you for all the advice. I called this morning and paid the first payment and the arrangement is now set up. So the stress of a bailiff turning up at the house is gone as can stick to arrangement. I also made them aware of my son and his health conditions. The lady confirmed all calls are recorded so now going to make a written complaint over the fee as a result of their poor advice. It may not get me anywhere but I will try. If I donÂ’t get anywhere with that I will contact our local councillor.
  6. Ok thank you. Do you know how soon after the text it would be passed to an enforcement officer? No I hadn’t mentioned my son as I thought it was all sorted
  7. He gets HRC DLA because of a number of health conditions. A bailiff coming to the house would massively impact on his anxiety. He’s only 8. They said the arrangement wouldn’t be put in place until I had made the payment.
  8. Yes the arrangement would be for 6 months. The £75 fee was added on 10th January I’m assuming for sending the text message. I’m a carer for our son but my partner works full time. We get child tax credits, child benefit and I get carers allowance for our son. Nope the council didn’t suggest either of those.
  9. London borough of Hounslow & JBW I am planning to call at 10am tomorrow when they open to try and pay the £200 he said I needed to pay when I spoke to them on Thursday. Would a bailiff come on a Sunday
  10. Hi. Yes I was aware the council had obtained a liability order but couldn’t afford to pay it off in three installments by the end of the tax year like they wanted. The letter is titled Formal notification of the issue of a liability order for unpaid council tax to X. It says payment has to be made within 17 days from the date of the notice. Also, if you want to make an arrangement you must contact us within 14 days of receiving this letter - which is what I did?
  11. Hi I received a letter from a bailiff company on the 7th January 2019. I contacted them immediately as the letter advised to set up an arrangement. I offered to pay it over 6 months with the first installment on 22nd. The gentleman advised me this was too long and would need to be paid by 20th at the latest so agreed to phone and pay on 18th and he agreed no further action would happen before then. On 10th January 2019 I received a text advising me that my account would shortly be issued to an enforcement officer to visit at your home. So again I called them as was confused as I thought I had sorted things? I went through everything with him and again said the agreement with the first gentlemen and he said ok but instalments would be higher than the first man. Was surprised by this but thought maybe the first man worked it out wrong and agreed. Turns out the first installment is higher as I have been charged a £75 compliance fee. On checking things further the initial letter I received on the 7th January 2019 is dated 24th December 2018. How does it take two weeks for a letter to arrive? Can anyone confirm how long the compliance stage is? Am worried I am going to wake up to bailiffs at my door. Thanks Stressed2009
  12. Hi A letter has been received today by my partner for a PCN that he has never seen. We have logged onto the website and seen their pictures but that ticket was not on his vehicle when he got to it. We always pay any valid tickets within 14 days so are annoyed that we haven't had the opportunity to do so with this one. Any advice on the best course of action would be appreciated. It's from a London Borough council. Thanks Stressed
  13. I'm usually a very careful and observant driver, with 14 years accident and conviction free driving. I realise I may have made an error on this journey. However, there is every chance I haven't actually got any speeding tickets. I have suffered badly from anxiety since the birth of my daughter and now this has made me have a complete freak out from someone mentioning cameras. I'm just going to have to wait it out now.
  14. Yeah I did but at one point i was being tailgated by another car and was desperate to be able to get out of his way so may have missed this one. My son was also being naughty during the journey. It's just reminded me why I don't do journeys or even go out often with him on my own. Not an excuse but just an explanation of what was going on. If I've been caught it's my own fault and there is nothing I can do now But wait and keep everything crossed.
  15. I am pretty sure I wasn't going anymore than 80 but I'm worried about when the variable speed limits came into force incase I didn't react quick enough. Guess it's going to be a long 14 day wait.
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