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  1. I have a Halifax loan taken out exactly three years ago. It was an unsecured loan taken out in January 2008 to consolidate a credit card, the amount was for £12,000. I have fallen behind with the payments and am not sure what to do, it is very depressing as I had finally started to get things under control (with thanks to the good people on here). I have recived a few letters from Blair Oliver Scott, one of them reffered to the debt as Royal Bank of Scotland but I think this is a mistake. I am also bombarded by them on robot calls even though I have only a cheap pay as you go p
  2. Hello all, as an update to this story, I had heard nothing at all so emailed the courts to find out if anything had happended. The reply I recieved is as follows: Can anyone help me with what this means as I cannot find or understand this. Many thanks.
  3. Thanks for all help, claim is in the post now and I am in the hands of the courts!
  4. Thansk for all the help and appolgies for not being online. I have mixed this court matter up with some other things that are going on and my actual deadline is tommorow. I have had nothing from d&g or hsbc. Can anyone please help with a defence?
  5. Thanks and it is then up to them to prove what I owe. I really would love to know how £25 has grown and if it wasnt for this forum i would have probably paid it for a quiet life!
  6. We have had an account with studio for 12+ years In December 2008 - we ordered some cards that were not delivered to us due to various mix ups with the address, the postman and the wrong stuff in the box. In short after many phone calls to sort this out, it was all returned with a strongly worded letter and a mental not NEVER to use them again! I have recievced nothing from Studio since. No letter of reply to my complaint and no stateements. In April of this year I receive a letter from Moorcroft which was the usual threat-o-gram - the thing is £25 worth of cards was now going t
  7. Will send a letter tommorow, hopefully I can find one here somewhere. The claimant is HSBC BANK PLC and the documents all go to DG Solicitors who I beleive are HSBC.
  8. Hello and good evening! I am plannign to use the defence here... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?276581-Urgent-help-needed-had-a-claim-form-from-northampton-county-court&p=3150537&viewfull=1#post3150537 I have requested documents under CCA and SAR and now CPR31.14 They have admitted following the sar that the documents dont exist, I fail to see how they can now use them to support the ccj. Should I mention cca and sar and letter in my defence as i feel this is an important point???
  9. as an update, I have filed a N9 acknowledgement to the court. My understanding is that I now have 14 days (29th) to file a defence. As you may expect, I have had no response to my CPR 31.14, the deadline has passed. Should I follow this up and does the lack of anything from them help my case?
  10. evening all. the ccj is dated the 28th so I think that I must loginto moneyclaim by the end of this week. im assuming that I dont contest jurisdiction? and should I wait until the last day to submit? Reading the other threads, I expect that hsbc may not supply any requested paperwork but this doesnt always go in my favour.
  11. hello, thanks for your help. i sent the letter you advised on monday by recorded post. the ccj is dated the 20th and was received on the 27th - our postman was on holiday and we didnt have post every day that week if that makes a difference. from what you say, i should go online now and transmitt my intentions.
  12. mr shadow, thank you again! i am sure that i should defend this and appreciate your advice on CPR 31.14
  13. thank you for the kind offer of help, I dont have a scanner or any fancy it gizmos but I can type the important looking parts... I was hoping that I could use the cca route to pay off the debts quickly as the circa 26% would make this impossible for me, now I am not sure what to do? I have confirmation via data protection SAR that the agreement doesnt exist and have put the account into dispute so cannot see why they are doing this?
  14. HELP! I have now recieved a very official looking cca from the courts and have spent the last 2 days on here reading about what to do next. Surerly if they have addmitted they have no cca they cannot do this? Can anyone help? Not sure that I can cope with going to court!
  15. I have a Sony card which I applied for in October 2007.I have used the card too much some may say until I had run up a debt of almost 200 under the 5000 limit.I then put the card away and started to slowly pay it off.In June, I moved banks and the payment didnt go through on time but I phoned up within days and paid with a debit card. They waived the fee.Last month, I tried to use the card and it failed. I then realised that it was expired.I called them up and explained that I had lost the new card.They said that no new card was issued as I had a bad payment history, but checked my fine and sa
  16. Just as a quick update to this and thanks to all for the support so far, I have contacted FOS who sent me an authoriseation pack which I have signed a returned. Not sure from what i have read that this will help at all? I have recieved letters following this including a final demand from MCS, should I expect them to send me random threats from time to time or should I take these letters seriously and respond? The account is in dispute and the hsbc documentation backs up the lack of signed agreement, however is seems that MCS wont accept this. I have managed to save some money by not
  17. It would seem that my letter has completely been ignored. I now have a letter threatening a charging order on my property. I have contacted the ombudsman and consumer direct but heard nothing. Do these people really get away with treating people like this and what can I do? I didnt do this yet, as I though that I should ensure this was cleared up and back to hsbc first. Bad idea?
  18. I have (or had) a Sony MBNA card since December 2007. At the start of this year the old card expired and I did not receive a new card. I still receive statement every month but no new card. I called them up and they said that I must have missed a payment, the lady was very helpful and looked into my file. She said that I had missed one payment when I changed banks but notes on my file confirmed that I was not at fault and the late payment fees had been refunded. After long time on hold the lady promised me a letter of explanation and a new card. After 6 weeks of waiting, I received o
  19. Sorry to bump this, but its difficult not to take the letter seriously. Should I send a cca + £1 to MCS and if so is that starting again from scratch?
  20. I received a letter from MCS on thursday, I dont have a scanner but the letter basically asks for payment in full within 7 days or I will face legal proceeding and further costs. Do I go back to them with a CCA letter or can I point out that I already have proof the hsbc have admitted in writing that they have no agreement on file?
  21. After months of standard letters with empty threats and also statements, I have today received a letter to say the debt is passed on to Metropolitan Debt Collection Agency and also reported me to 3x credit agencies. Not only are they actively chasing payment despite admiting no cca agreement held, they are also adding interest and charges. Is it worth the time and effort to send a letter re-enforcing the lack of cca or should I wait for the letter from Metropolitan?
  22. at this point no. because they are all pre 2007 and also because I thought that if i cca first they are more likely to refuse the token. main debts are with sainsbury, nr and mbna.
  23. thanks for the advice, it really helps to know there are very clever people and also people in the same boat on the same website, a huge boost. the one I am worried about is the northern rock together loan - only one way to find out what will happen though.
  24. thanks, it seems that they dont have such a huge hold over you as it seems.
  25. I am in the process of requesting prorata payemnts for 6 months, but my income does go up some months if I am able to get extra hours. What do I need to do to prove my income and would I be committing an offence if my money was higher?
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