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  1. Hi everyone - sorry I have not updated you sooner, but we have finally sorted it out with the help of a lady from Manchester Advice and a friendly police officer. They contacted trading standards on my mum's behalf. Hopefully we will not hear anything else from him, but if we do I shall come back for more advice from you all. Thank you for all the positive encouragement and the words of support, and of course all the knowledge and helpful advice. You are all brilliant Thanks Steph
  2. The police came back out last night and took proper statements from everyone. They then decided there was nothing at all they could do as my mum owes them money. I told them that was all fair and well - yes she does owe them money but there is no need for them to use threatening behaviour, steal things from the house, damage property and add call out charges and interest at any rate he wants. I am very disappointed by the outcome with the police, particularly as I saw all the things about Manchester Trading Standards and the police starting arrests and so on. I told the policeman that maybe I
  3. To be fair I think that may be his business maybe under his wife's name or whatever, or sister's, though I would like to think he has no women in his family after the ordeals he has put my mum through in recent years. Even if the company is legal, there are still parts of it that aren't judging by what other people have put on this thread, and also his means of collecting aren't very common are they?
  4. Thanks for all the support and messages and stuff. I have written to the relevant deopartments in my council via email, and now I just have to wait I suppose. My mum is back tomorrow morning and I am going to the police station with her. The officer that attended on Saturday still hasn't called me back. I will let everyone know what has happened. Thanks for being so supportive
  5. Hi I was in the same situation with Capital One in 2007. I actually changed my numbers to stop their calls, and they have now sold the debt to Lowells. I have told Lowells I am not going to pay them as I do not know who they are - but after reading so much on the forums I do now They have no right in harrassing you - did you ever pay that £1.50 per month towards sickness cover or whatever it is they call it. I was paying that without my knowledge so maybe it is worth checking whether you have been paying it and if so why are they harrassing you? I hope everything gets sorted fo
  6. There is a guy that owes a company around £300 and he has posted the emails he recieved and sent online. They are quite funny. He attached a picture of a spider he drew on paint and attached it to the email he replied with. He said that he valued his spider at what the DCA wanted off him and they could take that as payment. When they said they wouldn't take the picture, he asked for it back and then said they had given him the wrong spider back as it only had 7 legs. It really is hilairious reading especially as you begin to feel the person he is replying to getting frustrated yet starti
  7. To be fair i think they are the same person. A family member commented on this earlier and said I always thought his surname was Morris when she came across Armstrong on the site. Is it possible that they jusdt have the same company name then, and they are not registered?
  8. You know I have just been looking through trying to find it and I can't. Maybe or saw it somewhere else or maybe I just completely misinterpreted the thing I reas. Sorry to you all for any confusion i caused. Bed time for me.
  9. They cost my friend over £300 in unauthorised overdraft charges. Tut tut
  10. I have heard on this site that Barclays own Lowells and use them to get their debts back so they can still use the original credit agreements and stuff. It works out better for them to have their own debt collector than to source their debts out I suppose.
  11. Did any of the people there ever pay off their debts? And we were from quite a poor area ourselves, but like I said it was another woman who gave my mum the number. It's bad that they are allowed to do this though regardless of how "hard" they are. They prey on single women and the infirm by the sounds of it but I need to help. If I can help my own mum then I might be able to help other people in her situation.
  12. To be fair I have no idea. In 199X I was about very young. I know he charges £80 everytime he calls round to the house and he charges £35 late payment charge - that is even if you pay at 1 minute past 12 on the due day. I have no idea what the repayments are but I know she struggles with them because of all the charges he adds on. He doesn't even need a reason to come to the house. Sometimes he'll just turn up and he adds £80 on the total. He has taken goods from the house before too, including stuff that wasn't my mum's. He sells the stuff at auction then, but never takes what he makes off th
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