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  1. According to what I have just read on the website you sent link to regarding A8 nationals and their rights in the UK, I should easily pass the residency test but I shall see. I do appreciate your help. You have my gratitude!
  2. Thank you very much for your help. Yes, i have completed full 12 months as required and did provide job centre with WRS (worker registration scheme) certificate but they did not accept it as according to their knowledge, I am obligated to register every single employment with the Home office and that is a misconception. But this has caused further delays in my claim (talking about another 2 months maybe more - like I said it is extremely complicated and don't wanna go into details), the bottom line is I feel I am the one educating them about what the rules say.
  3. Yes, I did. And by the way, I am Slovakian so looking at the info provided by you (thanks very much), I am exempt from taking the test so don't understand why I was supposed to take the test at all.
  4. I shall be very brief.Am an EEA national living in the UK for almost 5 years. Applied for JSA last June and since then it has been like a roller coaster! Until now I STILL do not know the outcome of my claim and it has been 11 months already!!! I have received various letters from job centre asking for documents to prove my right to reside in the UK. The annoying thing is that if I do not contact them, they don't even bother to let me know where they are up to with my case. Last thing I received was a letter stating my claim is going all the way to EU decision department in Wick, Scotland and
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