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  1. I bought a camera for nearly £100 pounds from ebay, the seller put in their auction "2nd class postage at your own risk" i didnt realise it wasnt going to get lost in the post, and i personally dont really understand ebay that much, and my 16 feedback shows this. the seller has proof of postage but this means nothing to me! i asked for help on the ebay forum, and they all told me to claim on paypal, which i did, and i've got a refund. The seller has threatened me with court action as I have changed the auction terms and conditions as i purchased the camera at my own risk? how is this allowed? I have sought legal advice and they said he doesnt have a chance in court as there is no proof of the delivery only proof of the postage, so the seller needs to speak to royal mail and make a claim against them.
  2. buzby- i have a feeling you work in the industry
  3. yes thats what ive said although years ago- before networks realised the loop hole. the contract would just end on a specified date don't you worry i read many mobile contracts. the way i've read this though, is that 3 have automatically upgraded a customer, without the customers say so
  4. they already admitted fault there hun by offering you some money go all the way. id write in if i was you. or just go into store and not move til they do something i did that with tmobile. oh they soon gave me a resolution, topped off with a full and final settlement
  5. ask for photographic evidence- if they cant prove that then go to an independent engineer and see what they say
  6. so how far through your contract were you when your handset went faulty? you will find in the sales of goods act a replacement or repair when deemed within a reasonable timescale would be the one here. id dispute part of the bill. let me know i'm in the phone business
  7. legally they CAN NOT extend your contract without your say so. they may keep extending it for 30 days, up until you give them 30 days notice. 3 are the worst provider out there.... id steer well clear of them dont bother ringing their call centres as when you ask to speak to a manager they just put you on the the bod next to them because they refer to themselves as "3 account managers" or "3 customer managers" its a good con. write a written complaint. and then include the fact that if you do not recieve contact within 14/28 days and resolution wthin a certain time scale- this will be taken further with ofcom and consumer direct. hope that helps
  8. if for any reason you're 100% sure that you werent told this, call up and someone will get the call escilated and listened to. that way you can find out what you actually agreed to.
  9. listen to your legal script. they will advise you are now entering into a new 18/24 month contract and will be allocated a new phone number. they don't have to- but may tell you how to cancel your old deal.
  10. dont worry, make sure you take the time and date of when you sign for them. and the courrier persons name. then if they do try and get out of the dsr by saying you had them longer than you actually have they won't have a leg to stand on. it is only from point of reciept that your dsr will kick in, i work for a company who deals with the dsr and we start it from the next working day after signed for. to avoid confusion- so i'd check with hitachi
  11. ok so i took out a debit card account with them last year, around jan time. basically- i got sent sooo much paperwork, i called them and said "sod it- i'll stick with barclays and get 1p per year interest" so the man on the phone told me to cut my card up and destroy the paperwork bearing in mind, i never sent any of the signed paperwork to them, i didnt even sign it. i stuck it in the back of a cupboard. so time goes on, a good 6 or 7 months later turns out that alliance and leicester have moved 2 of my 7 direct debits, and not moved my wages, to this new account- that ive never used and never signed. just agreed to it online, but called up to cancel it. i get a letter to say i owe them £600 because its gone over my overdraft turns out theyve cocked up, not moved all my DD's or my wages- but moved my Orange phone bill, and my credit card £50 per month payment. its all added up and left me sunk in an overdraft and then thy have stuck fees on top. ive called them and asked what the hell is going on, and they said i never called to cancel and they have my documents signed (urrr no you don't i have them here as proof damn i knew i was a hoarder for a reason) they are supposedly taking it to some court, but as this goes on now. its screwed up my lovely clean credit rating. will someone give me some pointers on what i should expect and could i file for compo as their hold music has had me screaming and tearin my hair out ps: i'm only 20 and this all happened when i was 19 so i dont know if im in the wrong or not. thanks for reading and i hope someone helps
  12. do you have any of the paperwork they sent you for the renewal cost each year or do you have the proof of the money coming out of your bank? might mean you have to get hold of your previous bank statements from years ago but it will aid you. friend of mine had something similar with his dad, the plate was worth 6k so they didnt want to let it drop. eventually reg transfers admitted fault
  13. hi i ordered a wii from pixmania and its been delivered but not to my neighbours, the signatures a squiggle and unreadable where do i stand because I have had the money taken from my account and their stupid call centre just tell me its been delivered
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