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  1. Thank you for your reply. Well, that's not so bad then. Can I ever remove the linked address? Jim
  2. Dear all, I had two credit cards with Lloyds which I settled in 2010. The debts were at my previous address (when I was with my partner) and that address is linked to where I am now. I have been away from the previous address since 2007. I settled the debts in 2010 but continually get refused credit because of the link. Although I settled the debts (and have statements to prove this), the Equifax records show settled in 2012. I spoke to Lloyds and they told me that the accounts were still open until 2012 although I remonstrated that I asked them to be closed once settled in 2010. I sug
  3. I got into bother when I broke up with my partner 7 years ago and accumulated a number of debts of which two were Lloyds credit cards. All the other debts defaulted me therefore have dropped off my credit file but the Lloyds one's did not default me. I paid both accounts off, the last one in December 2010. I recently obtained a copy of my credit file and the Equifax file is still showing the two Lloyds accounts as being open, with credit limits and as being at nil balance. I never receive any statements or correspondence from Lloyds TSB to suggest to me that the accounts are still open on thei
  4. What is "SB'd"? Forgive my ignorance...
  5. DLC and LINK Financial both recently hassled me because they had obtained information from"Call Credit" (Credit Reference Agency) that would suggest that my financial position had improved. My brother had used an AQUA Card that is in my name to make a purchase via PayPal on Ebay. Link and DLC homed in on this activity by viewing my credit file. The debts with those companies are no longer on the files as they are over 6 years old. Is it right that these people can browse my files without my permission?? If not, how can I put a stop tp it? Thanks - Jim
  6. Blimey, excellent. Are you sure you don't mind? I would be most grateful for any help that you could give me. Thanks, Jim
  7. So, if I get the account up to date or pay it off, will the CRA record: 1 - still show that it was an arrangement to pay? 2 - show the record for how long after settlement? Jim
  8. Virgin Media Group (communications supplier). This entry doesn't appear on the Experian record incidentally.
  9. Not that I am aware of no. Also the entry on the record has the incorrect first name recorded. "John" instead of "James"!
  10. I am up to date with a Lloyds TSB Credit Card account and am paying them off at an agreed monthly amount. The account has never been defaulted. I have checked my Equifax report and the status reads "arrangement to pay" - it shows the accounbt fully up to date also. Will this adversly affect my credit rating?
  11. I just obtained a copy of my Equifax report as I got knocked back for a store card at Debenhams recently. Within the report is a default from Virgin Media that they apparently served upon me at a previous address in 2007 and there is £58 outstanding??!!?? I have no knowledge of this default being served nor the debt. What can I do to get this error corrected? I am distraught because my record has this blemish on it without me knowing anything about it. Hellllllp please..... Jim (Nogbloke)
  12. Hello there, I am new to this malarkey so any help would be appreciated! I obtained a copy of my Experian record and in the linked addresses section they have me linked to an address in Bristol twice. I've never been to Bristol in my life! They have me linked at my previous address to the Bristol address and from my current address to the Bristol address. Both links were sourced from Goldfish. How would I go about getting this link removed? Many thanks - Jim (nogbloke)
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