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  1. Many thanks. Will try and get some legal advice tomorrow if I can, then I might get some sleep! Thanks all.
  2. there are no statements just letters, it is so long ago and I don't remember what happend to all the books. Interest was charged for the first year about £10,000 is that and other charges.
  3. Hi All, have the info down from the loft. It would appear that I have nothing regarding the business or the property all I have is letters from the banks, solicitors and 2 different debt collecting companies. First letter was from Yorkshire Bank in April 1994 regarding the account and how we were going to pay outstanding amount. Next lot of letters started in 1997 same thing again. didn't hear from anyone again until Sept 2005! A letter from the bank telling me they were 'alarmed that they had been unable to communicate with me regarding the outstanding amount' I have
  4. I will certainly get the stuff out of the loft but will have to wait till partner finishes work tomorrow as I cannot get up there. The property was a chip shop and the home was a flat above but if i remember correctly the thing was bought as a business with living accommodation. I have just googled the name of this credit management company that have now bought my account and actualy ended up back in this forum but on another thread. Not sure if it is relevant but the Credit Company have this down as a 'current account' type??????????
  5. The bank put the property (business and home) up for sale after I gave the keys back, they said there was a shortfall so I owed the balance. I do not recollect signing anything new.
  6. The whole thing was done as one, probably a business loan, will have to get all the paperwork out of the loft. Welshmam2009, thanks for your help,and you too postggj. Think I will see if I can get a solicitor or accountant on Monday, have heard that you can get a quick chat free.
  7. sorry welshmam2009, think I am overlapping on this. The ex b******d of abroad about 10-11 years ago.
  8. thanks postggi, Yes I have always paid the token amount asked for, by the sound of things that was my mistake. The reason for the amount owing is that the bank sold the business to the first buyer at a very reduced amount. Just as is happening in this recession no doubt.
  9. Thanks for the reply Welshmam2009. Never even crossed my mind to go bankrupt at the time too busy trying to manage all the paperwork and two boys under the age of three:sad: Yes my partner and I have a joint account and I think my name may be on one or two utility bills. Apparently there is no CCJ or anything like that on this debt.
  10. Hi Folks, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, just found you today. Hope someone can advise. Approx 14 years ago I lost my home and business due to recession and a lazy (now ex) husband. I voluntarily handed the keys back to Yorkshire Bank and Was moved into housing by local authorities. About six months later received a letter from Yorkshire Bank informing me that they had sold the property and that I owed them approx £30,000. As you can imagine I was gobsmacked as I thought once I had handed the building back to them that would be that. Silly Me. Someone came to visit a
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