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  1. Have received information from bailiff company it confirms that he attended on the 30/3 /11 and charged twice , once for each liability Then on the 18/4/11 and charged twice again . On the 4/5/11....he clamped my vehicle and i had to let him in, he made out two very low value WPAs which i signed..was charged twice again plus a £125 van fee on the higher value liability. On the 7/10/11 he attended at my new address. He had already clamped my car and demanded full payment of the lower value liability £644.15 which i now know included another£125 van fee for his attendance...
  2. Really dont know..its a very strong bargaining tool..does he need one?..its on the WPA so i assumed he could do whatever he wanted with it. He clamped my car before the WPA was signed thats why i had to let him in my flat, because he said he would not unclamp it until i did! How can i find out if he had/has one?
  3. He has clamped my car twice now..so knows it very well...im concerned he will just head straight for that and not release it or have it removed if i dont pay the full balance...which i dont have!
  4. Apparently all the team leaders where on a days training course so Mrs X was in charge for the day...and OMG did she enjoy her new found power : ) I think its time to put everything in writing now anyway
  5. Apparently all the team leaders where on a days training course so Mrs X was in charge for the day...and OMG did she enjoy her new found power : ) I think its time to put everything in writing now anyway
  6. I do remember the bailiff actually saying to me on the day i signed the WPAs that" if i didnt keep up the agreed payments the goods would be removed and sold and because of their low value the companies fees would be paid first and then anything left would be paid to council obviously still leaving me with a big debt..so it was in my best interests to keep up with my instalments". If i make the agreed payments direct to the council am i still likely to get a visit from the bailiff sometime soon?, Mrs X point blankly refused to hold him off today
  7. Im sorry i am not doubting your wisdom...but this is not making sense to me A. I have read that a van fee cannot be applied on the day of levy...this has been denied by council B. I have read that multiple charging of fees for levys issued at the same time is wrong...this has been denied by council I really do want to procede with this but am not feeling too confident!
  8. doesnt the highlighted text state that it can be a lesser amount as long as it "forms part of the amount"..or have i read it wrongly?
  9. Cant believe its that simple!.....where does it say that the worth of the goods levied have to equal to the total value of the debt including fees or even a certain percentage of it ?
  10. Thankyou for taking the time to post these....have read them all , but am struggling to see any direct relevance to my case...can you please be more specific?
  11. I was unemployed for a while then for medical reasons was only working part time till very recently.....im now working full time which i mentioned to Mrs X in conversation..thinking it would get here on my side a little. But then she accused me of hiding facts from the council which was an offence!..it was a very negative experience. I told Mrs X that is what i wanted to do and she replied that if i did that the bailiff will still come after me for their fees...and i am likely to be clamped again. I cant take the risk of paying council direct and then still getting clamped for their fees!
  12. Mrs X wouldnt of given a damn..she was talking to me as if i had committed murder and had no rights !
  13. Well not too good...i called council and spoke with a very grumpy Mrs X who seemed insulted that i was asking her for information regarding my situation, she basically said there was nothing she could do, and if i didnt pay my car would get clamped agian..she said she would get a team leader to call me back. Mrs X called later and stated that all team leaders where away on a training course but she had spoke with the bailiff company and a explanation of fess would be with me soon in the mean time i must make payment otherwise the bailiff is likely to be clamping me again very soon. I asked h
  14. Thankyou for this..i have had a convo with the company today and they said they are going to send me a breakdown of charges. Will hopefully have clearer understanding after i have seen that info....the second WPA does include a van fee of 125 which i am clear shouldnt be on there. But the double charging at the 3rd attendance is an issue because the two WPAs cover a 2 yr period so im thinking they can actually charge 2 lots of charges one for each year.
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