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  1. To me it reads as both. I have to tick whether I pleade gulity or not guilty to each offense. Not providing info ( did not recieve a letter so how can I?) and driving over the limit (might have been me, might have been my partner, we do not honestly know, it was six months ago and we always shared the driving)
  2. The car was repossessed early July and the DVLA were informed of the change of owner. I moved out roughly the same time and have not recieved anything before this. I cannot say nothing was sent, but I did not recieve it. Naturally I did not inform DVLA of a change of address as I do not own a car anymore.
  3. Hi all, Out of the blue I have recieved a court summons for an alledged speeding offence back in June, the paperwork was sent to my old address. The car itself I no longer own so naturally I did not have to inform DVLA of a new address. Anyway. I have recieved 3 photos of the back end of my former car (no photo of the driver) and I have been given 3 options. Plead gulity by post, pleady guilty at court, or not guilty. The court date is the 11th so dont have much time as I have only just recieved the letter. Both myself & my partner were insured on the car at the time so I do
  4. I finally recieved some documents from Mercedes sols, usual standard response that the documents they have sent is all they are required to do at this point. Recieved a copy of original agreement, and termination notice. Also they posted a letter dated Friday 23rd of July saying they intend to repo the car unless I contact them immediately, this arrived on the 27th, the day after they had already taken it, this gave me no chance to either pay up in full or to finalise my plan B of selling my car to a local dealer which would have left me a shortfall of just £1800 which I could have paid.
  5. Hi, I never sent a SAR to Mercedes, but I as there solicitors we threatening legal action and issuing a statuory demand, I adapted a letter Wannebee advised another Mercedes Benz sufferer on his thread. Basically a request under CPR rules for all infomation they hold in relation to this claim, I would assume this should work in the same way? I am right in assuming that they 'must' provide all documentation they intend to use in 'court', and cannot simply withhold info? The list of requests is quite extensive including an actual copy of the credit agreement, default notices, list
  6. Thanks, I have read that some creditors like to use this tactic as its quite easy for anyone to send a statutory demand in the hope to provoke a reaction. The deadline for a set aside as passed, but I would asume should that want to take it further they would need to provide some sort of proof as some point, so far they have simply sent a prior letter saying 'you owe this, pay up' no details of how they come up with the figure or anything. That said I will send a letter by fax & post in the morning asking them for 'proof', so we will see what happens.
  7. Hi all, Just had some post forwarded on to me and apparently on the 28th October, I recieved a Statutory Demand for 6k from Solicitors acting on Mercedes behalf. I have not recieved anymore paperwork, from a court?, but maybe still on route as it tend to take a week or two for any mail to arrive at my new address. Not quite sure what this is? Is it actually a court claim now? And more importantly how to respond. The limited paperwork provided says I have 18 days to apply for a set aside? Would appreciate some quick adivse on this. Mav
  8. Hi Wannabe, Sorry for my delayed reply, been tied up all week dealing with my business issues....which ironcially started my personal problems. Anyway back on topic! 99.99% sure it will be unregulated, it was over 25k. There were default notices, but they have been mislaid so cant check specifics. Definately nothing regarding intend to repo until 'after' they have already done it. Look back on thread and they were speaking to me on the friday and asked for me to right them a letter regarding payments etc for them to consider, but at 9.40 Monday morning had faxed the repo people
  9. Hi all, Well interesting week sinced I last posted. The bailifs never turned up! After a few days of anxiously waiting for there arrival I thought sod it, I will call them only to be told that the account was put on hold by the council and they could not do anything. Strange I thought. So back to the council and they said they put the account on hold whilst they sorted my query from the week before. Basically I asked for various infomation regarding the summons as I received nothing from them. I also asked for things like what judge it was before and they could not (would not?) answ
  10. Hi all, Hope some people are still around to help! Finally got a letter from Mercedes Sols asking for £6k to clear the debt after selling of the car. Naturally the letter just says pay the money or else. No explanation of costs etc. From reading other similar threads I would assume first point of call would be getting all the info from them. The letter states that if no reply within seven days they will commence legal proceedings. What is the best way forward, is there a template I can send them asking for relevent documentation? Or does CPR rules work in the situation as unl
  11. Many thanks HW. Proably where he got is £150 estimate from, but there is no way he can get it up to that much anyway. Proably a couple hundred of quid of 'paid' for stock at best. The rest is all on credit. So I assume he can only charge a levy fee on what he can actually 'levy'? So if he can only find £200 of stock he can only charge the levy fee for £200? On a 9k bill and a payment being offered you would think it was not worth it...but they are a strange bunch I believe! Not visited me yet so will keep you all posted. Made a note re is id. I read on this website http://www.pi
  12. Shop is quite simple, all stock is on credit and can prove it. Shop fit is on lease...and can prove that too. He can have my toilet roll if he likes though...that is paid for! Basically I am co-operating and have the agreed cheque to give him, but only if I get something in writing first. Although, I do not own the shop. Its a unit on a private estate and the landlord owns the building fully. Surely if they break in they will be liable to them somehow? Just a thought.
  13. Hi, I spoke to the council and I do not qualify for that relief. They say it goes on rateable value which is aprox 20k, but £10k payable. No, no visit at all as yet. But there office simply says you must deal with the representative and will not discuss further? He acknowledged on the phone that there is little or nothing he can take, yet says he still needs to come to fill out paperwork. Is that where the screw job might happen? Also, explain levy for me a bit more. I assume he makes a list of what they can sieze, so if he does that he gets more money is that what you are saying?
  14. Thanks for the post everyone. Ultimately as explained I want to pay & will pay. Just needed a little time. As TGP pointed out quite clearly, if the bailiff takes an over-agressive approach and tries to take as much as possible and makes me go out of business, he will get very little. But if he works with me sensibly and allows me to earn the money they are owned then he will get it all, no brainer really. Anyway, was pro-active and spoke to them yesterday before they arrived and in principle a paln was agreed for 25% now, and the rest over the next 3 months. Fair and sensible I think
  15. There is probably a very small amount they could take, were talking a couple hundred pounds, certainly not thousands! And would reclaim them very little if sold off. I can actually pay something if they do turn up, but just needed to know where I stand. Also, read another post on here and many seem to advise on still sending payments the council, regardless. And avoid the baliffs fees....
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