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  1. I do start off with the best intentions, I do try, but i do get mental blockages and anxieties and cannot do simple things. I can't be arsed with your smart arse remarks and hubris. In order to fill in a n245 i would need the information about more than one debt issue. You seem to be confused about conversing with human beings that appear less intellectual than your mighty self. You were confused about a technicality about robinson way, curtly responding to me. i have been struggling lately and have had to sleep alone on the couch because of anxiety. I find your responses unhelpful. please do not respond
  2. i did look at the n245 but am not sure what to put into the sections 9 and 10. The budget thing i started with step change included about 40 items. I have not done anything about the other ccj, I see it it is for approx £400, but don't know what to do about it. it is becoming overwhelming. I am worried that i make an offer to these folks and then start again with the robinson folk.
  3. Is it worth considering trying to get the ccj removed? or at least making a complaint about it. I did ask for the information, years before and they never sent it. They recently sent me a unsigned document that they say is the original agreement. The letter from robinson way has their letter head and has a box with "Due to: CABOT FINANCIAL (EX HSBC)" account number xxxxxxxxx reference number xxxxxx and amount £ xxxxxxxx.
  4. I thought I couldn't do the n245 until I know the extent of my debts. Robinson have just contacted about the £8k from cabot (hsbc). i sent them a cca request. They may try for a ccj. I don't know how arrow got a ccj without the signed copy of agreement that i am sure doesn't exist.
  5. I just told the court office that i was dealing with step change. I rang the bailiffs several times but they don't answer. I have left messages. I keep getting anxiety attacks and struggle to call them again. I am supposed to call them and inform them that my wife is disabled and vulnerable. I will try again.
  6. i am a mere peasant and do not understand the workings of dca's, sars and legal letters and such. my mind goes blank. i got the right of info letter from step change, ..... Right to information request Please can you send me a copy of the original signed agreement and an up to date statement showing all of the transactions on this account including interest and charges. Please can you include any other documents that are referred to in my agreement. I’m entitled to this information under ss77-79 of The Consumer Credit Act 1974. Please send this information to me within 12 working days of you receiving this letter. The Act states that you can’t enforce an agreement until this request is complied with. . Yours faithfully. I guess it is just stalling a bit and academic now i guess. with the sar, i wanted to get copies of letters i sent to them and them to me, years ago and they ignored. They did actually send me these recently but again, too late for me to do anything about it now. If i were to go bankrupt or get an iva i would need to know all of the debts claimed against me. I hope to deal with all of the problems in one go and be done with it. I would rather go to prison than having to deal with this. i fear going into depression again. I lost about 7 years, a marriage, house, and employment last time. my options from this point i suppose are iva or bankruptcy as i have little cash left per month after doing a budget. Thanks for your help.
  7. ccj was in 2016. warrant is from a court bailiff. I know it is a long shot but I was hoping that after them not sending me the info i requested back in 2013 that the ccj may be put aside. Looks like that boat sailed. Another ccj is a few hundred £ from 2015. I didn't know about either till i got a credit report recently. Before I can send in a N245 form i need to find out about another debt that robinson way are after me for. this is an £8k credit card debt ( i think). They sent a letter out to me in 2017. I ignored it and haven't heard anything since. I will need to deal with them by a right of info letter i guess in order to tally up all debts to deal with at once. This one does not show on my equifax report. I guess that my options may be bankrupcy or IVA from here.
  8. Thank you for your kind response. I was going through this process some years ago. I started the letter process several times with them. They either ignored or passed back to Arrow. I thought they had given up. a few years later and I moved, started a new relationship etc and forgot about it. I have periods of depression and generally have a phobia of dealing with financial matters. It has cost me thousands. Last month I got a warrant of control letter from the courts asking to settle up a £6k ccj from Arrow. I rang the courts, they said they cannot postpone. I rang Arrow, they referred me to Drydens. I contacted step change in order to get a reference number to indicate to bailiffs that I was dealing with the situation. I sent a subject access request and a right of information request to Drydens, they passed to Arrow. Arrow have responded to the subject access saying it is complex and may take 90 days maybe another 14 after that. They ignored the right of information letter. They did send me copies of a few letters they sent to me around 2013. One is a letter to me saying they have responded to my request to satisfy section 78 of the consumer credit act. Another is what they say is a credit agreement, but it is blank, just a bit of scribble on top, but no signatures where there should be. I have made complaints to both of them. I'm not sure where to go from here. Thank you for taking time to read this.
  9. hi, thanks for getting back to me. I have been struggling a bit lately. I got a letter from bailiffs a few weeks ago, stating that i had a ccj by arrow global and to make payments. I called to step change to see if they could hold off the bailiffs till i found out more about the situation. It goes back from original debt from early 2000s. i tried with right of information requests around 2013 when i was being advised to do iva or maybe go bankrupt. My memory is a bit hazy from around that time. there were a few dca folk working to collect different debts. Foolishly I lost all docs as i thought they give up because they did not have the docs they needed to enforce. The debt was passed around a bit because none would send the proof. Is it worth challenging them that they never sent me the details i asked for in 2013. They just sent a blank document they say was the original agreement with my address but no signatures. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi Andy, thanks for the welcome. It looks like I haven't shook off the DCA's. I am getting some help with debt advice from step change, struggling, but getting there. I hope I find you well. cheers Dwain
  11. Good evening to all. Best wishes to you and yours.
  12. Thanks Andy, I really appreciate your help. I will fire that off to them. Kind regards Tom
  13. Hello, I am looking for help with this company. They sent me a letter in June, saying they were acting for Arrow Global. I responded with letter template N. I never heard anything for a while. The letter was signed for. They have now sent me another letter asking for payment in 7 days, they seem to be ignoring my letter N. I'm not sure if I should send another letter N. Any help would be gratefully appreciated,. Thanks in advance
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