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  1. Hi I hope someone can help me Ive recieved a letter from past due credit solutions, it is from a shared house il lived in around 5 years ago. the letter was dated to me and the 3 other house members i lived with, Im sure that the bills were settled up when i left, but being such longtime ago im not sure exactly what happened. There asking for 350 pounds. Can some one please help with what letter i should send them, for proof of this debt, or if there is anythin else i should be doing. Ive checked my credit report and as far as i can tell, they havent run a credit check against my nam
  2. Also when sending the sb letter, do i want to leave it free of a signature and send it by recorded delivery?? any thin else i need to remember when sending the letter off
  3. Ive checked my experian report and the debt is not showing on that anymore, but my bank will still not give me a debit card any ways of bumping up your credit score quickly, i have loads of direct debits comin from my account as it is
  4. shall do and ill let you know what it says, all your advice as always has been invaluable, and greatly appreicated, i have nothin but amazing words for this site, there is always ppl willin to offer good sound advice straightaway and its been a great comfort knowin you guys and gals are out there
  5. so it should allready be off my credit report seein as its six years, should i check that before i send the letter, seeing as we all know its empty threats and they can wait as long as i can get this of my credit report
  6. these are the dates , the date that the credit defaulted on my experian account is the 8/8/03, but the i hadnt made a payment since bout 6 months before then to capital one, i have had loads of letters in last 6 months but never replied to one, is that safe to send them the letter now, because i want to get this off my credit history cos its even stopping me gettin a mobile phone contract or any other form of credit checked contract, i also have to get guarantors every time i rent a flat its such a pian, how long will it usually take to get that monkey of my credit history
  7. Hi everyone i posted on here a while ago about receiving letters from lowell. they threatened me with everythin under the sun, then i started getting letters from hamptons legal threatening legal action, and ccgs and so on im sure u know the kinda thing i was getting, and now im gettin letters from red debt collection, along the lines of the original letters from lowell, the debts has just become 6 years old and ive never had any cotanct with them myself in all that time, what advice do u have for me to do from now, am i right in thinkin its statue barred or am i mis informed, all he
  8. hi i havent posted for a while, ive had a few letters from lowell threatening to take me to court over the debt, now they have sent a letter saying this is my last chance to settle up before they pass it on to there legal team, wat do u think i sould do now??
  9. okay everyone they sent me a letter saying they will send an agent to my door, i know you al reckon thsi is a scare tactic and not to worry, but just wanted to know what advise you have in case they actually come to my door, just wont to make sure im prepared for any eventuality,
  10. thanks again everyone for you replies, helped me out alot, didnt expect such a great and quick response. wil just leave it for now and see wat happens ill keep you all posted on what happens in the long run, and when they send me another letter so you all know how its going
  11. what happens if they start threatening me with bailiffs and such?? i shall head your advice and do nothing for the time being and see where they take it from here. thanks everyone for advice so far, ill check this regurlarly to see if any more advice has been given adn ill update you all on any contact i get from them
  12. i have ahd no contact what so ever, ive just filled the letters away adn done nothign about it yet, thought id get some advice before doing anything,
  13. the last tiem i used the card was over 5 and half years ago and the last payment i made would be a month or so longer, i have never had any contact from capital one over it as i moved house soon after, and the letter says lowell bought the debt in 2006, but recently is the first contact ive had from them!
  14. Thankss for the advice, do u think its best to just wait til they threaten to send soemone to my door before i send them the letter not acknoloding the debt, and do i need to write something on the top of the letter and the back of the postal order. and is it true that a credit agreement signed by a minor is invalid or does that not apply here??
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