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  1. Thanks for the super quick replies I assume they apply to my situation so I will get on it straight away, thank you again.
  2. My Girlfriend has also had the capquest t mobile letter stating that this is not covered by the CCA as she would have entered into a service level agreement etc. etc.. We too are wondering what to reply to this as their first letter offered a discount if she started paying. My GF cannot remember the details about her old t mobile account as it was around 2005 2006 time when she had a pay monthly mobile but she was convinced there wasn't anything owing on it. We obviously don't want to avoid paying a genuine debt but as she was going through a nasty divorce at the time, stuff from that time is just one big blurry nightmare for her. Is there a way to find out if this debt is genuine i.e.do they actually have grounds to pursue or are they just trying it on as it must be just about statute barred by now? Does any one have any advice on what to reply? (I can't seem to find a template for this response from them). I will keep reading but this is the closest I have found to our situation so far. Thanks to all you guys who help us novices at least get some sleep at night. Regards
  3. Thanks so much guys, I will start trying what you suggest and see where it gets me. I can only assume that charges must be involved somewhere in this equation so I will obviously have to deal with that issue when/if it arises. If they ignore me yet again, what can I do about it if anything? Do I just have to wait another year until they try it on again and send the same letter again? Kind Regards Abs.
  4. Hi, I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong place or it is a stupid question but I have looked and looked round the site and this is the nearest thing to my problem but Im still confused I have had a letter from lowell Financial saying i owe Barclays £1373.73. I have told them in the past that I do not know what this amount represents and asked them to clarify the matter, as branches of Barclays say they cant help as its in Lowells hands! They have ignored my request for clarification, so does anyone know what I can do next? I assume this relates to my old Barclays Current account which I had a £600 overdraft facility with. I cannot remember how much was owing if any on the overdraft as I did not receive a last statement from Barclays. If I do owe money on the overdraft I will sort out an amount to pay but I am not going to blindly start paying just because they say I owe 1300 odd quid! Thanks for any help or advice any one has. Kind regards Abs
  5. Thanks Buzby, is there a standard letter for what you have suggested or do I just do a general letter to that effect. Thanks for all the advice, she will check her credit file asap. Regards Abs and GF
  6. I'm a little confused by all the different regs, are mobile operators immune from credit agreement regs? I only ask as my girlfriend is all of a sudden being hassled by Bryan Carter for a T Mobile debt. She beilieved it was being dealt with by Greg Pennington but she thought it was Moorcroft not Bryan Carter that was in charge then. To cut a long story short, she doesnt remember even getting the contract in the first place as she had just come out of a long term abusive relationship and a lot of that time is a bit blurry. So I sent a CCA request to see if we could get a copy of the agreement and Carters have basically said Its not covered by CCA and please tell us how much you intend to pay us kinda thing. Now i discover that as per quote above Bryan Carters might be right, where do i look next? I too like a previous poster somewhere, get lost in all these threads so much help dont know where to start. Please note they never returned the Postal Order, must check if cashed! Abs. PS Sorry if in wrong thread, new to this.
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