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  1. Cheers...letter on its way to mackenzie hall.
  2. Thanks silver fox. Will send letter tomorrow with all the details to the financial ombudsman. What steps does the fos actually take now then?
  3. I am starting this new thread on behalf of a relative. The details are this: In June 2008, my sister who lives in Scotland received a letter from Mackenzie Hall for an alleged debt pursuers cabot Financial on behalf of Barclays Bank value £600. My sister wrote back to them advising that as debt was 7 years old and no payment or communication had been made in that time and that as the debt was more than 5 years old under the prescription and limitation act of scotland act 1973 part 1 prescription 6, mackenzie hall could not pursue matter. Letter in July of 2008 stated that the matter was
  4. Betty, Are you able to give us an update on your redundancy? What stage are you at now? BIGJIM
  5. Letter sent off to company concerning data protection act 1998, have asked for information known as "subject access request" Now we wait and see what info comes back.
  6. Thanks Tawny Owl and Pete for your info, A couple of colleagues and myself are appealing. Concerning the data information, you say that they must reply within 30 days. Our concern is that knowing our employers, we will get our replies on the 29th or 30th day of time limit but the company has stated that all appeals will be held within 21 days from wednesday. I presume we can state that we wish data info in our hands before any appeal meeting takes place?
  7. What does a data search reveal...bearing in mind time scale involved...are you saying company must reveal everything on my personal file?
  8. Redundancies were made due to lack of orders to europe and the rest of the world. No orders....no work. The company froze wage increase for a year.
  9. Thanks tawnyowl for your encouraging thoughts. There are several points I can answer to: Did your employer consider whether there were any alternative jobs. My employer advsised me there was no alternative jobs available. However, since leaving the building, when there has been no work in other areas, I have been advised by remaining employees that they have been putting someone else in my work area. Unfortunately for me, whilst I have been told this, my colleagues have advised that they do not wish this to be mentioned in any appeal as they fear for any backlash from employer.
  10. Our company has given us until 12 noon wednesday to write in our appeal. I should add, that over the years, anyone who has appealed has lost. Managing director always sticks by personnel department and manager. If business picks up and they start recruiting again, if you've appealed, you dont get asked back. And finally, 2 years ago, an individual lost their appeal but dug their heels in and took the company to an industrial tribunal.....and won. It may be a long road but he who dares...
  11. Foreman received written warning.... Now we have to battle to try and win our appeals. Any info greatly appreciated.
  12. I have had an overdraft facility of up to £1000, which I have had with the royal bank for £10 years. Unfortunately I have had to use this facility, virtually every month, each month with my statement I receive charges ranging from £10 - £15. As I said this has gone on for 10 years. Recently a friend advised me that I can reclaim these charges back to 5 years. Im not sure if this is correct and if it is I dont know where to start. Any ideas, greatly appreciated.
  13. Update...I had my second interview with personnel this morning, personnel confirmed investigation under way. All individuals who were advised that there jobs were at risk, have been in for their second interview this week. All were given the opportunity to discuss the assessments that the company had scored for each employee. After each assessment, each employee has now been advised that they are to be made redundant. The company advised each person at the interview of their own redundancy package. Personnel have advised that individuals do have the right to appeal on the above. Several of u
  14. One of my colleagues, whose job is at risk, went in on monday for his second interview, whilst in he completed a grievance form. To be honest I do not know the exact wording taken but I heard it was "inappropriate, untimely action taken by foreman". Personnel advised him that this would be passed on to managing director and this matter will be fully investigated.
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