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  1. hi everyone Here is the original letter a week before my lock was changed: YOU NEED TO BE AWARE THAT MARSTON GROUP LIMITED HAVE COURT AUTHORITY TO REMOVE YOUR GOODS AND TO IMPOSE FEES AND CHARGES. called marstons and they basically wouldn't answer any question i asked them and they "had warned me that they had a right to enter my premises". regarding my car i have a blue badge which wasn't displayed as it was 7.30am and i dont leave it in the window overnight,my tax disc is clearly disabled class.. The letter off marstons also has my name followed by c/o mobility operations.
  2. i am calling marstons first thing monday then the police.The box for the new lock was the only thing left in the house (from whoever has been in). I fully accept my parking is wrong sometimes and i try to appeal with advice off here(i am registered disabled-2 transplants and heart condtion)yet 2 months ago marstons clamped my car for an unpaid ticket(i have recepits and paperwork off them)and i had to pay £400 cash there and then. I was told to write to manchester city council by these marstons thugs as they had nothing to do with me being classed as vunerable and the truck was on its way
  3. hello everyone its a bit complicated so i'll try and be as clear as possible. I am on i/s and dla as i have had 2 transplants and have a heart condtion. I have not let any baliffs in my house before. I am currently staying at a relatives house as i am waiting to move to a new house.There was only a few thing in the house the baliff attended9i am leaving there due to a recent break in and a spate of robberies in the area. The last letter i had off a baliff was as follows:marston group have court authority to remove goods/add fees. the balance was £284.10 client man
  4. first let me say i accept i have gone over my time on my disabled badge when im out and accept the fines i have been given. I appealed a fine which i had and explained i could not afford to pay the amount which ended up at £270.I had a few warnings marstons were comming anytime in the next 7 days to remove goods and i was getting nowhere trying to communicate with them. I came home on thursday to find my front door lock changed,my washing machine had been removed and my 10 year old childs boxing equipment,brand new punch bag,gloves,training mits etc(shes a kick-boxer). No notice has been
  5. hello everyone i have contacted manchester city council and they have said they have handed the case to marstons.somebody at marstons have said there is no court involement and the cost of £280.08 includes letters written and visits to my house.i asked if a court order was needed and again i was told "we have a right to take your goods" and they said if i do not pay by credit card on the spot the call would be terminated.i then said i wanted to explain that i am on dla and the phone was put down on me ??
  6. im a polite person and was not abusive and i only asked that question because i thought i had to have some form of court letter or even a warrant off marstons but its just their letterhead with the message they are calling to remove goods! thanks for everyones help.
  7. hi everyone i have missed paying a £30 fee to manchester city council for a parking ticket which i understand then went up to £70.i have now had a "no more warnings letter saying that the ballifs marstons will take my goods if £280.08 is not forthcomming. there is no mention of a warrant or court order,i have phoned the mobile number and asked what court has issued a warrant and was told "its none of your business".i am on dla and income support after a transplant operation,do i have to pay this amount in full? any advice appreciated.
  8. thanks for everyones help! an update-this fine was actually paid by my mum in april(she has recepit for it on her bank statement and also unknown to me my sister has a manchester city council recepit on her email).i had a further letter on saturday now asking for the original £80 fine and £11.20 letter fee! a-its paid b-the £200+ marstons fee has somehow not been mentioned c-their was no need to send a letter as already stated it was paid! the rep still wont answer her phone. thanks again martin.
  9. thank you both for your time.my mum has the letter and from some of the advice i have seen on other threads i have told her not to answer the door/let them in and she has left a message on the answering machine asking for a breakdown of costs.thank you again.
  10. Hello everyone I had a parking fine from manchester city council.i had a transplant last year and i am a blue badge holder.i admit i parked on double yellow lines when i took ill in manchester city centre and rushed out of the car not putting my badge on.i explained my circumstances and filled in a te5b witness statement.i then had a letter from northampton county court ordering the charge to be dropped. my mum who is 80 next year had a letter put through her door at 6.45 am this morning from the marston group saying if the sum of £345 was not paid with immediate effect they would be ba
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