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  1. This was my plan, the original alleged offence occurred on 28/04/2009 so the 28 days are already up! – The PCN notice is dated 05/05/2009, so if I send off the representation form today with the ‘Contravention did not occur’ box ticked, they will have no time left to send out a new PCN with the corrected allegation/evidence. Is this plan correct or am I still missing something?
  2. Thanks very much guy's, - I will keep the reply short and sweet as you have suggested! - My one concern is that they will realise their mistake and ammend the PCN so that the alleged traffic contravention matches the photographic evidence!! - Is there a time limit from the date of alleged offence for them to serve the PCN for it to be enforceable?
  3. Hi all, I have just received a PCN from Hammersmith & Fulham parking services for the alleged traffic contravention! - ‘Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited’. The junction in question is given as ‘box junction – New kings road J/W Bagley’s Lane’. Knowing that I have not been across this junction recently, I was worried that my car registration had been cloned. However, when I looked at the photographic evidence that they have provided, it is superimposed with the camera location 'Butterwick/Talgarth' ( a junction that I use regularly), but this is an entirely different l
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