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  1. Thanks for reply, He's been on IS for one year but recently opened a savings account that he's not told them about yet. It's only got £100 in it. (He's going to take a statement along to interview to show them it.)
  2. Hi, My friend is on IS and HB. He has to go for a benefit review at job centre and take a recent bank statement. He does some online gambling and has money going in and out of his bank account from the gambling. Does anyone know if he'll get into trouble for this? Thanks
  3. Thanks Brigadier2jcs I'll post all the information I have to both the DCA (MKDP LLP) and the bank. Will post back when I hear anything.
  4. I have a letter from ICO from 2011 stating the bank was to change the default date to when the account was 3-6 months in arrears (so back to 2006) I have several letters from the bank apologising for their error in recording an incorrect date and they would amend the date to 2006 (I sent a copy of one to DCA) I have a letter from FOS confirming the default date should be 2006 When the account was still with the bank it did eventually drop off my Credit File but now it's sold to DCA they have re-added it to my Credit File with the wrong date and now the bank have confirmed to them that the wrong date is correct. Thanks
  5. Thanks dx100uk I've now had a reply from the DCA stating they contacted the bank and the bank have confirmed the wrong default date (Dec 2009) is correct and enclosed a copy of the letter. The DCA say they won't change the default. The DCA has just taken the word of the bank and ignored the information I sent proving the default date was amended to 2006. Just wondering who is in the wrong here? Is it the DCA for continuing to record a wrong default on my Credit Files or is it the bank for supplying them with the wrong information? Not sure what to do now.
  6. Hello again, this account eventually dropped off my Credit File in August 2013. I did ask the FOS for help in getting the bank to do what they had agreed to do but wouldn't do - change the inaccurate default date. (I hope that makes sense.) In Jan 2014 the bank sold the account to a DCA. I checked my Credit File in April and the DCA has been recording this account as a default with the incorrect default date of Dec 2009. (This is the date I spent about 2 years getting corrected to 2006) I sent a letter to both the DCA and the bank, after 28 days no reply from either. I sent another letter to both. The bank replied saying they won't correspond with me on this since the complaint has previously been fully investigated by the FOS - even although it's a different complaint of the same account. The DCA still has a week to reply. Any thoughts on how I should proceed now? Thanks
  7. 241 signatures I signed one hour ago and it still says 241 signatures Just wondering how long it takes to update.
  8. Ok, thank you for your reply. The bank did give me a payment of £250 a year ago when they agreed to change the date. So I'll leave it be then. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I have no financial losses for that year. I was more thinking about the damage done to my credit. The Durkin case is still ongoing but the part about damage to his creditworthiness was upheld in the appeal. I believe Mr Durkin's default was a wrongful default for which he was to be awarded general damages whereas I did default on my account but the bank agreed the default should be dated 2006 and come off my Credit File in 2012. However they continued recording the default knowing it had a wrong default date for a further year which damaged my Credit File. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi, Some background info I defaulted on my current account in 2005. The bank didn't register the default until 2009, I had 4 years of late payment markers before the default. I contacted the bank in 2010 querying the default date then complained to the ICO. This took nearly 2 years of correspondence and the bank agreed to amend the default date to 2006 and so the account should have dropped off my Credit File in 2012. However even although they agreed to change the default date they didn't actually do it until a year later. It has just recently come off my Credit File. I'm just wondering if this could be considered as negligent misrepresentation? As they knowingly continued to report my personal data with the wrong default date and the account remained on my Credit File for a year longer than it should have. I am in Scotland and have been reading Mr Durkin's case. Thanks.
  11. Hi, my friend opened a new case with the csa a year ago. She has received no payments yet as her ex says he can't afford to pay the amount due (it is 15% of his wages). He is now appealing the csa decision, his main reason is that he wants them to take his outgoings into consideration. We thought outgoings didn't come into it but if that is the case why is the appeal able to go ahead? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Thanks for the replys. I sent my letter (Recorded) to the address on my award letter, I sent in extra payslips and a letter from my partner's work stating how much SSP he receives. I thought it would be all straight forward. I'll fill in a GL24 appeal form and make an appointment at my local JCP office to get it faxed to the right office and hopefully get it sorted.
  13. Hi, I gave them a phone on Friday and they had no note of my letter on my file, so they were going to send an email to the office that deals with my area and I would get a phonecall in 3 hours but no one called. I phoned back and was given an hour Priority call back but again no one phoned. I phoned again on Monday and a Team Leader was going to escalate it and I would receive a call in 20 minutes but no one called. When I phoned back again I spoke to a Team Leader who assurred me I would get a call back in an hour but no one called. I don't know why they are not calling me back but I feel I'm not getting anywhere phoning this number and they won't give me a direct number to the office I need as they say they need to send an email. So I was just wondering how long they have to reply to the original letter I sent 4 weeks ago. Thanks
  14. My partner and I are receiving a top up payment from Income Support however they have incorrectly calculated my partner's Statutory Sick Pay so the top up is less than what it should be. I sent a letter 4 weeks ago asking them to look at the decision again, does anybody know how long they have to reply? Thanks
  15. Thanks slick132, I received alot of charges on the account when I first got into difficulty & started making the reduced payments (about 4 yrs ago). So you think it's ok to reclaim these charges & the interest on them up until today even although they might not be paid for yet but are added into my balance.
  16. Hi, I've had 2 Barclay Credit Cards for about 12 years now. For the last 4 years I have been making reduced payments to both of them and have not been getting charged interest. I have all my statements and I'm now going to reclaim all my charges & interest, compounded & at their contractual rate (well hopefully) My question is do I reclaim the charges up until today or only until 4 yr ago when I started paying the reduced payments and they stopped charging me interest? Also, I sent a CCA request on 1st May all I have received back is a blank application form and terms & conditions. I haven't replied to them and as yet they haven't cashed the £1 cheque. Sjay
  17. Well done gkmotorsport. Can I ask when you added on 8% interest was it just for the duration of the loan or did you include it up to the date you put your claim in? Thanks
  18. Hi, I think now I should be reclaiming my ppi + the interest paid on the ppi + 8% Stat Interest. I'm just not sure how to work out the interest paid on the ppi only. My loan application gives a total value for interest (2236) but this is for the loan & the ppi. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. Hi aa, thanks Am I right in thinking I have to put a claim into the loan company first before I would go to the FOS? If so, just wondering what my initial claim would be for then. Since my ppi was 1226 paid over 48 months, would I claim back £25.54 per month + 8% for each monthly payment? Thanks Sjay
  20. dpick's thread makes for interesting reading & gives me hope anyway. I think I'll still claim for the 9 years and add contractual interest on aswell, as you say Dotty if you don't ask, you don't get Will get my letter ready to send off at the weekend, will post up my reply when (if) I get one. Thanks Sjay
  21. Hi, This loan has been repaid in full but I was wanting to reclaim the ppi I paid on it as it was mis-sold Loan 4000 ppi 1226 Interest 2236 Total to repay 7462 I paid it over 48 mths at 155.46 per month. I don't know how much of this interest (2236) was paid to the loan and how much was paid to the ppi, does anybody know an easy way for me to work it out please? Thanks Sjay
  22. Hi, I'm just wondering if I should've posted this in the ppi section. Can it be moved? Thanks Sjay
  23. Thanks Scott - great tutorial link. Thanks Dotty - yes my letter says to reply within 14 days but my settlement form says 6 months. I think I'll decline their offer and hold out for the full charge. I've been looking into claiming interest on top of the charges. When I work out simple interest at 8% it's approx another £100, however when I work out contractual interest at 25% for each charge from the day it was added to my account right up till today it's approx another £700?? Can this be right? Thanks Sjay
  24. Hi, I recently sent a CCA request to Blair, Oliver & Scott with regard to my Preference Account. The reply I received back was an application form, on one side was a loan I'd taken out in 1998, the other side was about the Preference Account. I've noticed on the loan side I paid ppi. I never realised I had taken this out at the time and I haven't filled in Part 3 of the form requesting ppi. At the time I was just happy to get the loan. This loan has been paid off, it finished in 2002. I'm just wondering if I can claim this ppi back? Thanks Sjay
  25. Hi, I've recently tried to claim back charges of £210 from my Capital One account, these were over 9 years, from 2001. Capital One replied offering me £56, this being the charge minus the £12 that they charge now and also only cover the last 6 years due to the Limitation Act. Can someone confirm if I can only claim back 6 years worth of charges? (please note I am in Scotland) Also I've been reading about compound contractual interest, can I add this onto my claim? Thanks Sjay
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