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  1. No, they are not responding to my letter! Don't know what to do next? The letter even did say" formal letter of complaint"
  2. I dont know, they have not responeded to my letter asking them to explain. So i will send a subject request.
  3. Crap one have taken the money off my balance of the card. The card is not behind on payments. I thought that they had to send out a cheque? Any help on this? Cheers
  4. They have now made a payment into my bank account, no letter or response on my questions!!!
  5. Well they have replyed within the 5 working days that have gave them, and come up with a figure that is correct. So a win
  6. Hello DJ, Thanks for the reply, yes i think you are right. I will start the ball rolling with fos, very good advise. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Well i accepted the payment from the first loan, i signed the form with all the bank details to pay the money. No money has been sent and this was back in April!! I have written to them to ask why? But where do i stand if they dont pay to what they have agreed to? Cheers
  8. Hi All, Update... Sent the letter with a twist signature off and got a letter staying they will look into it and keep me informed. Well over 8 weeks have passed and not heard anything from them. So i have sent them a letter saying they have failed with their time line guides and given them 5 working days for a final response. I received a letter the next day (before my one was sent) saying that they need another 8 weeks due to high number of investigations on PPI!!! Surely 8 weeks is plenty? Should i wait another 8 weeks or take it further? Any feedback welcomed Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply and help Martin3030, I currently dont have a DCA chasing me any more, that stopped with the last email i sent them stating that CPW could not produce a signed agreement. I am going to try the SAR and dispute it with them further. Thanks again.
  10. I have check the account number and it is the same as what is being show settled. I know what your saying, i will write to them to fire a warning shot to say as the account is showing settled then i'll take it as settled. Thank you santa!!
  11. I have checked with credit check and it is the same, settled dec 2008. It showing the same account number as most recent payments made. Now question is: 1. Do i stop paying them and say as far as the CRA state the account has been settled? 2. And also all the payments made from the settlement date until present i am due back? 3. If i stop paying them they cant default against me as that account is being shown as settled? Cheers for your thoughts. (interesting one!!)
  12. I am going to ask for subject access request for a number of reasons, this one and PPI. I did have a old account but that was settled in 2007, not in 2008. DX - Yes HFC are the pits, If experian has been told the account is settled for some reason, surley HFc cant put a default against something that is settled? Thanks for the replys Cheers
  13. Many Thanks for the reply aa, will write to them for an explanation. Cheers
  14. Has anyone got any views on this, or has it happened to anyone? I want to write HFC a letter with a copy of the email from experian to say' as experian have my account as settled then i shall cancel my DD and consider the account closed'? Many Thanks for any comments Zoommjpzoom
  15. Hi All, Had the following response off experian: Thank you for your emails, which we received on 18 and 21 May 2010. RE: HFC Bank plc account started 29/10/07. - I can confirm that this HFC Bank account is marked as settled on 16/12/08 and shows a £0 balance. - The credit limit shown is purely historical information. Please be assured that anyone searching your report will see that as the account is settled, you no longer have access to this credit facility and therefore this account has no adverse effect on your credit rating. - Please accept my sincere apologies for any confusion caused by my colleague's previous correspondence as this account should not have been queried with HFC Bank plc as it is correctly recorded. - We keep settled accounts on your credit report for six years from the date of settlement. Where would i stand if i stop payments to HFC?? Cheers
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