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  1. Hello All, Belated Happy New Year...still recovering from drowning my sorrows in festive fruit punch. Anyway, this might give us all hope:- http://tpuc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=27307
  2. Hi All, Court date today...did not go as planned - whats so ever. 1. 1st thing out of judges mouth was that we are the trespassers because the set aside request was for the tenants to file - not us. The N244 was the tenants response form and that if we wanted to bring a claim against MX/Templetons for breaches, non disclosure, securitisation, unfair terms ect etc, then we should file a specific claim against that, BUT not as part of the order to evict our tenants. Until a court orders the removal of LPA or lender does it willingly, then they are in charge. 2. So request f
  3. Many Thanks to everybody on this forum and those who also additionallly helped via "Private Messages" I have replied to all the PM's, please check ur inboxs. D-Day is fast approaching...and phoned court today to ask why they have not sent official confirmation paperwork of court time/date. They said something eerily strange...."Your N244 form simply means you want a hearing but since LPA are your agent, we deal with them on your behalf, they have the notice to appeaar" We were furious and said the point is we are disputing the LPA's interference in our business and tenants
  4. Hi Chillinlong, Not sure fully, what you mean when you say ".....I believe it is irrelevant on the basis of PoA because of this term alone in the Ts and Cs." Please can you clarify..thanks.
  5. OK! Patrickq1, Bloody good stuff....will be adding said info to my xmas shopping list to ram down the LPA & MX throats at my xmas hearing.
  6. Hi Folk, I have read on here that the "Power of Attorney" should be a separate document attached to the overall mortgage paperwork (Deed & T&C). Again, after sending SARS and using CPR rules of engagement letter, there is no document covering the specific PoA. The only reference to it is in the Terms & Conditions. Is there an actual directive/statute we can rely on in court, to further say:- "look judgy, the paperwork does not have PoA documents, so invalid according to etc etc rules" We have no more money for solicitors..have already used three and one barrister
  7. Hi All, Aftet we sent the CPR Rules of engagement request for info, We got back some paperwork from Templeton's. BUT they have only sent invoices for minor works, no info relating to contracts with other third parties estate agents etc etc. No info on telephone or email messages between them and MX or other third parties. They refered to deed of appointmnet, but I have not seen any paperwork clearly marked DEED of APPOINTMENT. and also no sworn/signed statement from an account manager saying this is how much they collected (as per proper accounting standards). What is the penalty (if
  8. Thanks for update on Carmel....I really do hope she (assumption) contacts you Patrickq1. Because, I have tried sending the judge, in a previous case, the information linked. And she simply asked me to explain it...I said it explains itself (told to **** off). Hence why I want Mrs Cramel as expert authoritative first hand witness to have presented to house of commons. ALSO, the issue with the quote from my previous post " reciever must sell in 12 months.." any expansion on what "rule" that was obtained from.
  9. Oh Yes..!!! Does anyone have any more info, on my old question of how to contact Carmel Butler...(need for Expert Witness - Securisation unfair/monstrous)
  10. Hi All, Patrickq1....in reference to your statement above @ post #1112 wherein you say;- "..the Receiver must act within a twelve month period to sell or otherwise give the properties back" Is the above according to some statute / agreed LPA business procedure. (would like to quote it in court) Because in our case, LPA have been around for 2-years now & MX verbally told us they would return properties if no arrears on account (and there is none) cheers
  11. Good luck...Indeed.! We all hope it is really fruitlful and they are willing to join the side of justice.
  12. Hello, Yes Diddled, there is no reference to "buy to let" in the documents we have and also nothing in what they submitted to court, except the lawyers saying the LPA told them so. I was making reference to the fact that years ago when we first took out the mortgage, I think the offer letter stated buy-to-let, But that is a guess because we don't have that paperwork anymore and they have not produced it either. The issue is something triggered all of us to initially think it was a buy-to-let, BUT when you look now (in clear light of day) it appears that somehing is not quite r
  13. Since the LPA/lawyers already have a possession order (to remove tresspasser.. ie my tenants) would not the letter my tenants got simply be a confirmation/warrant to evict. And also the basis of all this, is that all parties believed the mortgage is a buy-to-let. It was only recently, as I started going through the T&C that the realisation that there is actually very little reference to buy-to-let in the bloody thing (they really are Banksters).
  14. We where told Bailliffs, will be visiting today, but strangely they did not show up....I hope those letters are beginning to sink into their thick heads.
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