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  1. I received a letter from Dept Management (SF) on behalf of the DWP claiming I owe them £226. After waiting on hold for 13 minutes I eventually spoke to someone who literally seemed clueless. He asked how I wanted to pay & asked him if a stranger demanded money from him in the street would he pay. Obviously not he said. I repiled so why in the bloody hell would I offer to pay you when I don't know why you expect money from me. He mentioned the social fund & I told him I hadn't a clue what he was referring to. I asked when this alleged debt was from October 2000! I again told him I have no recollection of any debt & advised me to ring the social fund. The letter mentions getting a debt recovery agency involved or a Direct Earnings Attachment to dock my wages. How in the hell can they threaten when they don't offer any proof? Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance

  2. so how far through your contract were you when your handset went faulty?

    you will find in the sales of goods act a replacement or repair when deemed within a reasonable timescale would be the one here.

    id dispute part of the bill.

    let me know i'm in the phone business

    Going off the dates given I was 19 months into my 3 contract meaning I had recently upgraded & the handset was only a couple of months old. Thanks

  3. The letter is from Red debt collection services but they have been appointed by Lowell Portfolio Ltd. Todays date was the time given to me to come to some kind of arrangement in regards to paying the debt off. I would really appreciate any ideas on what my next step should be. If I have no option other than paying it I would only pay a ridiculously low payment per month.

  4. I have recently received a letter from a debt collection agency, acting on behalf of 3 mobile company, claiming I owe them over £400. I had a contract approx 3yrs ago which I felt I was forced to cancel due to their refusal to fix my phone which had already been sent back for repairs once before that. Due to the mobile being broken I had to phone via the landline which cost me money & went on over several weeks. I repeatedly asked them to arrange a courier to return my phone, which was only months old, but the call centre workers insisted on taking me through their technical questions each & every time. It got to the point where I couldn't take any more & told them I wouldn't pay for a service I wasn't happy with. I feel I had every right as they refused to fix a faulty phone but now the trouble starts. Do I not have a leg to stand on, should I dispute it or should I agree to pay the money. I'm leaning towards disputing but feel I'll get nowhere. Any advice appreciated, thanks

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